The Dark Mind

In the besmirched darkness of his hut, Travis finished mixing and stirring his recipe for which no name yet existed. He cautiously relocated the amber liquid from the blackened iron pot to much smaller vials, filling a half dozen with the potion.

Travis considered himself a sorcerer, yet it was his knowledge of alchemy that generated the income he needed to survive. His magical powers were at the moment considerable but lacked that magical spark, and true power and greatness were not yet within his clutch.

He circumspectly capped the ampoule and slipped them into a pocket of his outer garment. They were destined for a brothel on the west edge of town, a seedy wood and thatch building that housed a dozen wenches and serviced the local masses, primarily a garrison of soldiers.

The morning was nearly gone, and he hurried to make final preparations for the long walk ahead. He created a mental list of items he needed to purchase with the gold coins his potion would bring, and also retrieved a small cloth bag of coins he kept in reserve. It was his savings, and in case the brothel owner was unwilling to purchase the ampoules it guaranteed, the trip to town would not be a wasted effort.

Travis was anxious every time he left his modest abode. Although its location was not widely known, some had undoubtedly encountered it before. He was not a very popular man and was an outcast from society, although those very people who would hound him at the same time surreptitiously sought his potions. It was this fear that accompanied him whenever and where ever he left; hoping that no one would ransack its contents and burn it to the ground in his absence. Perhaps his fear was unfounded; but Travis sensed friction looming in the not-too-distant future.

He left his mud and thatch home and hurried through the woods to the main road a half mile away. Wagon wheels had worn ruts into the earth, and ankle-high grass grew between them. It was on this grass that he walked, averting the muddy puddles of water that collected sporadically in the ruts. It was not often that he encountered wagons or any other person on the narrow road, for the town and its castle was not normally approached from this direction.

He preferred the solace this part of the country provided. It allowed him the freedom to perform his experimentation unnoticed, and the wilderness provided a wide variety of the ingredients his magic required. But the magic he used seemed to slowly suck the life from his body, as he appeared many years older than his physical age.

His dark hair had turned white and thin, creases had appeared at the edges of his eyes and across his broad forehead, and he lacked the energy of his youth. He was uncertain how much longer he’d be able to continue. These thoughts kept him company on his afternoon journey.

Travis reached the brothel before the remainder of the town. It lay on the edge of the road. Laughter and whoops of pleasure emanated from within as a handful of men were already enjoying the collection of women. He approached the entrance and stepped inside where men pleasured themselves with women on a half dozen different beds, all within sight of each other. The owner, a corpulent chap Travis recognized as Slim, eagerly grabbed his arm and guided him into a corner away from the others.

“I have two new girls, but seeing as they were purchased, their heart is not in this line of work,” the owner confessed. “Please tell me you’ve brought more of that amber potion.”

Travis nodded and withdrew the half-dozen vials from his pocket. Slim’s face lit up with excitement.

“This is truly wonderful,” the man exclaimed. “Even the timid become eager with this, and new women who are unwilling spread their legs with excitement when this has been placed upon their tongue. You are amazing; nothing less.”

Travis  didn’t speak. Slim snatched the vials from his hand and pulled a cloth sack from his pocket. He spilled a half dozen gold coins into his palm, then looked at Travis for his consent. When it did not come he reluctantly shook out three more gold coins.

After a short pause Travis held up two fingers. The owner shrugged his shoulders, finding the potion slightly more expensive than last time, but provided the last two coins to seal the purchase. Travis slipped the coins into his own pouch and gestured his thanks.

“Stay, try one of these women,” Slim offered. “Or better yet, one of the new girls. I have two who have not yet been with a man, and for three gold coins they could please you. And please you they shall with a taste of your potion. Come and see the magical effects of this recipe.”

Travis  waved him off, but the owner was adamant. Slim grasped his arm and guided him across the room to a bed upon which a young woman sat. There was great sadness in her piercing blue eyes.

Her flesh was cloaked in a shabby white robe, streaked with mud stains. Her long hair was as amber as the potion he sold, and despite the saddened appearance there was an unusual spark within her that Travis could see.

On impulse he reached his hand out and gently stroked her golden hair, feeling the silky softness mingled with the grit of dirt. He felt an overwhelming urge to protect this poor innocent for reasons he could not comprehend, and when a smile formed on her lips he felt an indescribable joy.

“This woman should not be squandered in such a fashion,”Travis finally spoke. “What crime has brought her here?”

“Poverty,” Slim responded, and then burst out into laughter. “Isn’t it grand?”

“I shall match the price of her,”Travis announced as he withdrew the cloth satchel from his pocket. “No, I shall double the gold thou hast paid.”

“Have her for three gold coins now, and return when the thought of her pleases you again,” the man offered.

“I want to take her with me, for this lost soul does not belong here,” Travis decided. “Name the price for her.”

“She’s not for sale,” Slim told him. “I have a dozen skilled wenches, but soldiers seek youth. She and the other will bring me much profit.”

“Thirty gold coins,” Travis replied,

Slim shook his head. The desperation in Travis’s voice tilted the scales in Slim’s favor and he was quick to take advantage. “She can earn me twice that in a fortnight.”

“I need assistance in collecting the ingredients of that recipe you so enjoy,” Travis explained. “How much will these new women, along with the rest of your stable, earn without its magical qualities?”

Travis knew he had struck into Slim’s very heart. For the past few years his stable of women had grown a strong attraction for the recipe, and craved it yet again. The wheels in his mind shrewdly turned as he tried to cut the best deal he could.

“A companion of this quality is difficult to find,” Slim said as he sat beside the new woman and stroked her long blonde hair. “She would provide warmth on cold winter nights, and keep your hearth glowing. And she’s quick, too. A wonderful apprentice she’d be. I’ll take the thirty coins offered and another thirty, and as a show of good faith the price of the potion will be one gold coin from this point forward. Promise me this and she’ll accompany you on your return journey.”

Travis  emptied his cloth sack of gold coins onto the bed. Slim counted the contents, placing them into groups of five. Fifty-three coins in all, significantly less than required. Slim shook his head from side to side, pointing out the lack of gold.

“I shall return in a fortnight with a dozen vials, free,” Travis offered.

Slim considered it. He knew he could trust the alchemist, and dreaded the thought of housing and feeding the uncooperative and defiant woman for a fortnight until the deficiency could be righted. Besides, it was already almost twice what he had paid for the wench. Slim shook his head affirmatively, stood up, and watched as Travis hurriedly whisked her away.

“I shall call you Constance,” Travis announced.

“That is good, for it is my name,” she finally spoke as she walked beside her new master.

What hath brought her here? Travis thought to himself. She was most likely a frivolous purchase, a distraction that kept him from the very supplies he had endeavor into town to buy to begin with. She had cost him every last gold coin. The savings that had been his lifeline was now gone. He was still uncertain why she had struck him so. Gar thought it loneliness, doubtless imagining him keeping her for the purpose of pleasure, but that was not it at all.

Was she an orphan, or sold by a desperate father to settle some unknown debt? What secrets did she harbor, and who was this small creature?

“I was sold by my Aunt,” Constance revealed in a voice that was both sweet and forceful. “After the death of my parents she inherited me, and was quick to cash in. I was sold to one man who traveled here with me in tow, and a second exchange left me abandoned in that brothel.”

Travis  stopped and looked at her, bewildered. “You answered my thoughts!”

“I heard it as if you spoke, as I have for as long as I can remember,” she explained defensively. “It comes and goes, so that I don’t always hear thoughts. But yours…I thought it was from your lips that the questions came forth.”

“You must have been very frightened in that horrible place,” he assumed. “An innocent amidst so many men must have been harrowing.”

“No, for I knew my destiny was to be discovered by you.”

“There is something about you,”Travis stated, unable to pinpoint what one thing set Constance apart from the others. “A spark, or something…I cannot define it. But back there I saw in you an ingredient missing in all others, so much so that I was overwhelmed with your purchase. I see now that I was not wrong. There is much to be learned.”

“And I am most willing to share it,” she promised with a warm smile on her lips, so big that it illuminated her entire face and at once revealed her true beauty.

The journey home seemed twice the distance, and every time a thought crossed his mind he looked over at Constance as if to question if she had heard that as well, although she gave no indication of it. Was it destiny that had brought them together or mere coincidence? And what other powers did she hold within her fragile young body?

“I shall teach you how to find and identify the various roots, leaves, and berries that my potions require,” he advised his new pupil. “Your training begins with the rising of the sun. All I know so shall thee, and with your assistance we shall profit from this unlikely bond.”

Little more was said as they traveled the road until it made a wide arc to the right. There a single white birch tree stood out from a stand of oak, and that visual marker alerted Travis . There he pointed out the birch, then took Constance’s hand into his own and stepped off the road and through thick brush. On the other side a faint path was evident, which they followed another half-mile to the humble mud and thatch structure that he called home.

“A small river passes a short distance away, behind those trees,”Travis advised as he familiarized his apprentice with the new terrain. “A marsh off to the right, a short walk away, is an excellent source for the roots and berries I seek. You will learn of the area at first light.”

Darkness fell, and a small fire provided the only illumination.Travis lay on a bed of cloth and watched the leaping yellowish flames, silently wondering what the future held in store. He wondered who was to be the real teacher, himself or Constance?

She slipped the robe from her body and stood naked in the darkness behind Travis , the dancing flames lightly illuminating her flesh. The sound of water broke the silence as Constance washed away the streaks of dirt and grit that stained her flesh and filled her hair. The water had been warmed by the fire and felt wonderful as she dipped in it, then scrubbed her skin clean with a gelatin concoction of Travis ‘s creation. In addition to being an effective cleaner, it also emanated a wonderfully pleasing scent.

Travis  remained a perfect gentleman and stole no rearward glances, although Constance would not have objected. She cleaned every inch of skin she could reach, taking care as she washed her soft, tender breasts and nipples that hardened when touched by the warmth of the wet cloth. Her legs parted as she cleansed her golden strands of pubic hair and the pink folds of flesh nestled within.

“The moon is full,” Constance announced. “I sense that this night marks our passing of innocence, and a new beginning.”

“Our innocence?”Travis questioned, confused by her sudden remark.

“Mine, and that of my sister,” she clarified. “My sister is the other woman that ghastly man retains in his house of pleasure. She is drinking wine, as I can taste the bittersweet flavor. There are many men with her, and their laughter is frightening. That is why she drinks what is offered, as it quells the fear inside.”

“I had no idea!”

“You could not save us both,” Constance comforted him. “This is my destiny, and that is hers. Lay with me, master, for this night our innocence must be sacrificed. I sense great change on this night, and eagerly wait for what morning brings.”

Travis  had of course noticed her undeniable beauty. He had not been with a woman for many months, yet still felt the same natural urge. He turned around and looked at her, standing nude in the fluttering light of the fire. The golden hair that framed her beautiful face seemed to glow as it reflected the light. Her eyes and lips were so inviting, silently beckoning to him. He drank in the beauty of her slender form and silky flesh, the rounded breasts, creamy legs, and the forbidden sight of the amber curls of hair that flanked her virtue.

“Join me by the fire, Constance, and I shall most willingly love you.”

She took several steps towards him and stopped. Her face contorted as if biting into a lemon, mouth opening and tongue licking her cherry lips.Travis watched, uncertain of the meaning of the gesture.

“Your potion has been applied to her tongue, and even I can feel its effect,” Constance explained, as the unusual connection with her blood-sister remained intact. “The most wonderful warmth is growing in my loins.”

Constance walked the rest of the way to him and knelt down on the bed.Travis sat up but she gently pushed him back down into the bedding. Her hands opened his clothing and revealed his semi-aroused manhood. She settled down and placed her head upon him, hot mouth and tongue engulfing the dagger that she needed to become a steel-hard sword for the task ahead. He groaned aloud as he experienced the delightful sensation of her velvety smooth mouth, lips, and tongue upon his flesh.

“Your scent is delicious,” he complimented in a soft whisper as her head slowly bobbed up and down, taking nearly his full length into that magnificent orifice.

The sinful pleasure that rippled through his body hardened his dagger and it swelled to its full size, a throbbing sword that anxiously waited to penetrate flesh. Soft fingers fondled his sacks of seed as her mouth was able to devour less of him, as there was now so much more. Her mouth pulled away and she straddled him, hovering above his swollen flesh. The pink head had pushed through the outer shell of skin and glistened with oozing wetness.

“It is as if our loins are afire. There is a most intense tingling pleasure, and it causes us to ooze with wetness,” she whispered, overwhelmed by the effects of the potion that her sister had been administered. “Our time of sacrifice is at hand.”

Constance reached a hand up between her thighs and rubbed the fingers against her own flesh, shuddering in delight from the delicious waves of tingling warmth they generated. Her virtue was soaked with essence, and her fingers rubbed the slippery wetness upon his hardened shaft and watched in wonder as it was seemingly absorbed by his flesh. One hand encircled his sword and held it steady as she gently lowered herself upon him, guiding the smooth head between the outer folds of flesh and into her narrow canyon. Constance placed him at the opening of her virtue and took a deep breath as she nervously prepared for the loss of her own innocence.

The warmth in her loins was now an inferno, and she felt the drunken fear of her sister as she was enjoyed by a small group of men who kissed and pawed at her naked flesh, arguing as to who would be her first. It was as if Constance could feel their hands as they squeezed upon her breasts, then other hands as they pushed her legs wide apart and rubbed on her furry mound of womanhood. Constance laid with her silky soft thighs fully apart, the pulsating tip of Travis ‘s sword prepared for entry. Her succulent pink flesh was wet and ready, and Constance tightly clutched his hips as she waited the moment of their sacrifice.

Her throbbing, swollen pink nipples now burned as fingers roughly pinched and twisted on those of her sister. The men vied for position, bickering amongst themselves as they each tried to position themselves between her milky thighs. A wave of fear and nausea washed over Constance as her sister experienced the same, and it was clear that one man would now be taking her virtue. The strongest of the trio was between her parted thighs, and Constance tasted her sister’s fear as the moment was at hand. Her sister’s body was pushed down upon the wrinkled bedding as the man’s throbbing sword was at the very gates of her innocence.

At that precise moment Constance pulled herself against Travis , driving his steel-hard sword deeply into her moistened canal. Her body jerked and shuddered as she impaled herself upon him, driving his rounded tip upwards into the small opening and tearing through her maidenhead. She breathed heavily as she felt both her own pain and that of her younger sibling, pushing further downward upon him before pulling up and repeating her lunge. Her virtue oozed with nectar that eased the ferocity of the act, coating and soothing their union of flesh.Travis reached up and grasped her shoulders, pulling her down upon him as her drove himself upwards, forcing more of him into her wonderfully tight, hot canal.

“You must not finish too quickly,” Constance warned her master. “There is great power in the sacrifice of innocence that will be absorbed. Drain us for all that we have, for it can be offered but once.”

Travis  was mystified by her words but knew better than to question or discard them. He drove himself upwards and felt as her damp virtue accepted his entire length, tight muscle wrapping around him as a sword in its sheath. There was mounting pressure in his sacks as seed was eager to be released, but when the urge was overpowering she intuitively slowed their pace and enabled him to delay the inevitable.

They stopped momentarily as he was overcome with yet another urge and he looked up at the vision of beauty that straddled him. The firelight danced over her creamy flesh, casting valleys of shadow around her supple mounds that heaved in time with her rapid breathing. The pink nipples were fully hardened and visibly throbbed. The flickering light accentuated the lines and curves of her chest and belly. Her face smiled down upon him with unusual warmth, and in those clear blue eyes he saw reflections of himself.

Constance’s lovely face contorted as she grunted aloud, savory body shuddering in convulsions of ecstasy. Thick nectar flowed from within her fiery loins as her body jerked and swallowed up his entire sword. Her narrow tunnel grasped his swollen shaft, hungrily attempting to coax its milky contents from him. She felt an electric-like sensation as his flesh hungrily absorbed a mixture of blood and her warm flowing essence and with it her reserves of youthful energy. She stopped momentarily to gather a breath, and felt pain and fear and confusion as her sister bore the same fate.

“Delay as long as you can,” she remind

ed him.

Her body again rocked up and down upon him, her tight canal now hurting less as her walls loosened up and eased the discomfort. Her body moved up and down with his pulsating manhood at her very center, oozing nectar being continuously absorbed by him. Constance anxiously sought another orgasm. One reason was selfish in that she savored the intense pleasure of it, yet she also sought one realizing that the brief release could also be felt by her sister and would temper the fear and pain she endured a short distance away. And finally she wanted it for Travis , for she was destined to show him a renewable energy source that would change the very fabric of his magical life.

A few moments later she was there again, on the precipice of ecstasy, and her awakened flesh eagerly embraced that moment. Again she grunted and groaned as her supple body writhed atop him in ecstasy. Intense waves of delicious pleasure rippled through her lithe form, and she sensed that her sister also felt the same. Her body leaked out another flood of essence that his throbbing flesh drank up through the skin. As her climax dissipatedTravis had arrived as well, anxious to savor the same pleasure he had given her twice. Constance did not delay him further for she had given him all that she and her sister could provide, and he tensed and grunted as a brief stream of milky hot seed was ejected deeply into her belly.

“Destiny is ours,” she whispered happily as he withdrew his sword from her, ignoring the pain of her sacrifice. “Our strength is yours, and with it you shall discover your true destiny.”

* * * * *

Travis  awakened at first light and reached for her but she was not there. His heart sank. He assumed she had left him, hoping to return to her own home. His mind recalled the previous evening of pleasure, and could only smile as he recollected how truly wonderful it had been. He laid there for a time just thinking of the previous night, and a short while later heard footsteps approaching as feet crunched upon leaves and twigs.

The door swung open and Constance appeared. She looked in his direction with a wide smile on her face. She looked so much different since the first time he saw her. Gone were the gritty smears of dirt and look of fear, replaced by sheer happiness, of a destiny attained. A soft chuckle sounded as she dropped her load of scavenged roots and berries.

“You were afraid I was gone,” Constance stated with certainty. “That’s as close to love as I have come in my life. Do you feel any different?”

“Different?” he questioned.

He had not noticed before. Perhaps he thought the feeling was a result of his newfound manhood. But he did feel strange; younger, stronger, and more exuberant. Surely those words she spoke of last night could not be true. Or could they?

Constance sighed. “You doubt me. Get up and see for yourself. I have gathered enough for at least twelve bottles of your amber potion for Gar, the price you agreed for my freedom. But after that your energy shall not be wasted on such trivial matters.”

Constance crossed the room.Travis had never seen anyone more beautiful. Her piercing blue eyes sparkled, soft cheeks tainted a rosy red from the cool morning air. Her breasts swayed beneath her dirt-stained clothing. Those perfect lips that he had kissed now formed into a frown as she sat beside him.

“I have had dreams of you since childhood. I have always known that I would be here for a reason, and that reason is you. My fate is to love and inspire you, Travis . You have great power that you are not yet aware of. I am here to help you discover it. Greatness lies in your future. You shall have a profound effect upon the destiny of mankind for hundreds of years to come.”

“I believe you,” he assured her. “Let us begin our work.”

The work was dramatically easy.Travis felt half his age as he crushed the roots and berries with a mortise, combining them into a milky paste. He reached up and from two other glass vials added a pinch of ground minerals. His eyes then closed as he slowly waved his hands over the mixture, transferring his energy into the mixture. That was when it took on an eerie amber glow, bubbled, and liquefied.

Constance was at his side and readied the dozen empty glass vials into which the now-energized potion was placed. A small amount remained and she carefully drained it into a jar.Travis noticed with glee that the potion appeared more potent, and that instead of feeling drained he was stronger and more vibrant than ever.

“You were right!” he shouted aloud as he hugged his new mate.

His hands embraced her, and then sought for an opening in her clothing. Constance already knew what he was feeling, and she pulled away from him.

“It is energy you seek but that I can no longer provide,” she patiently explained to him. “I could give it but once, and last night I gave you all that I had and that of my sister. You do need more strength for what is ahead, but you will find what you need only in the sacrifice of innocence.”

“What are you suggesting?” he asked, mystified by her curious knowledge and power of perception.

She stepped up to him and held his face in her hands. Her soft fingers felt the stubble of his beard as she peered directly into his eyes. Her eyes sparkled as none other and seemed to see right through his shell and into his very heart.

“You’ll know,” she whispered in a raspy voice. “You’ll know exactly what to do when you have gathered the energy to do it. My purpose is to assist you in gathering that energy. The source may be contrary to your present way of thinking, but it must be done.”

“The source?” he wondered aloud. “What source?”

“Virgins,” she revealed. “As you have been strengthened from my loss of innocence, so shall you be further strengthened by the sacrifice of others. It is the only way. I shall walk into town and give this to Gar, and bring back with me an innocent. I dreamed of her last night and she will be most suitable. With no family to care for her, any words of horror she might recount will fall upon deaf or doubtful ears. The potion will make her willing enough for our purposes.”

Travis  felt more like an apprentice than a master. Constance was respectful yet forceful, and although he thought she had overstepped the boundaries too far he also knew that he had much to learn from her and so did not correct her transgressions. The way she spoke of destiny had at first left him doubtful, but the more she seemed to know the more he listened. Perhaps he had been sent to find and rescue her, only to discover that it was she that was here to rescue him.

“And what am I to do?” he inquired. It was a question intended more for him than for her.

“Follow the stream north until you see a large birch tree,” she suggested. “Within a stand of trees to the left is a cave. Inside grows a rare form of mushroom that you will find most useful.”

He started to announce his doubt but wisely reserved comment. Had there been a cave so close he certainly would have chanced upon it long before now. But her uncanny ability to see things that he could not gave him reason to pause. It was a worthy quest, and would occupy his time until her return.

She returned in the afternoon with a dark-haired woman in tow. After Constance entered the guest cautiously stuck her head inside and looked around with curious brown eyes, both in wonder and fear. Her eyes were drawn toTravis near a table crushing his new supply of mushrooms that Constance had located for him.

He looked at the young woman approvingly. He had not noticed her presence in the area before. She was attractive and should have many suitors, but poverty was a disease that makes a person decidedly unattractive. Her face was streaked with dirt, but underneath that her skin looked soft and supple. The material that clothed her body was dirty and torn and left no indication of the shape of her beneath, butTravis suspected that the rest of her was equally compelling.

“This is Anna, and he is Travis ,” Constance introduced them. “Please, do come inside.”

Anna continued to hover at the doorway. Constance approached her with a warm smile and slipped an arm around her waist, guiding her into the abode. “We will eat first, then you will bathe and I will see what I can do to mend your clothing. By the end of the day you will feel renewed.”

“Why are you doing this?” It was a question that begged to be asked, and had been fermenting in her mind the entire time. She was clearly suspicious of generosity, and particularly of them.

“We are blessed with little more than you,” Constance explained. “I came from poverty, and seeing it pains my heart. I was like you, without means, and wished for more. ThenTravis saved me from that wretched condition. When I saw you it reminded me of my own youth, and I was anxious to relieve the pain that you feel daily.”

Constance placed smoked meat and bread before Anna, which she readily began to eat. Constance stood behind her and stroked her long brown hair, picking the grit from the silky strands. After a few moments Anna seemed to relax and let down her guard, apparently satisfied with Constance’s explanation for her generous nature. Constance had a gentleness about her that put everyone at ease.

Travis  pretended not to notice them as he continued his task. He was sorely tempted to practice a few new spells and potions with the new find, curious as to the effect of the fabled mushrooms, but knew better than to do so with a visitor nearby. He watched them from the corner of an eye as Constance spoke soft, reassuring words, and was able to elicit conversation and laughter from their unsuspecting guest.

After Anna had eaten her fill Constance picked up his homemade cleansing gel and towels. There was a small pool of water nearby where a stream collected. It would be warmer this time of day than usual, but would still be cold. ButTravis no longer doubted Constance or her innate perception, and decided that Anna would somehow find the pool warm and refreshing at the mere suggestion of it. A smile crossed his lips as he observed his Constance with the guest.

The sun was low in the sky when they returned.Travis was struck by Anna’s beauty when he saw her again. Gone was the dirt and suspicious glances, replaced by exuberant happiness that showed in the genuine smile that formed upon her lovely face. They laughed aloud at a comment and Constance guided her guest back to the table for another bite to eat. Anna gladly consumed what was offered, realizing through life experience that when food was plentiful it had to be enjoyed for soon it would be difficult to come by.

Travis  watched Constance in action. She appeared so cavalier and friendly, yet her mind was calculating and her heart coldly efficient. Anna was completely under her spell, unknowing what lay ahead. He looked forward to stealing Anna’s virtue for happiness multiplied her beauty, an act that before now he would have never considered.

Now that Anna was completely at ease Constance retrieved the excess amber potion that was left from earlier in the day. She dipped a finger into the liquid and slipped it inside Anna’s mouth, rubbing it into her gums. The girl at first recoiled but Constance reassured her, and then repeated the process. A few moments later Anna’s brown eyes glazed over, uncertain what had happened as strange feelings developed in her body.

Anna’s breathing quickened as her thighs began rhythmically squeezing together. She appeared not to mind as Constance pulled the clothing open from behind and gently stroked her breasts and hardened nipples. ForTravis it was an incredibly erotic sight and his own body began to stir. Their mouths found one another and kissed passionately, tongues eagerly seeking each other out. Anna seemed to melt in Constance’s embrace. Her supple flesh was fully awakened by the potent amber liquid and shamelessly enjoyed by his new apprentice.

Constance pulled Anna’s clothing from her body completely and it was then thatTravis saw her true beauty. A tuft of dark curls appeared upon her crotch, but through it he could detect the pink folds of her womanhood that even now glistened with wetness. He received an even better view when Constance reached her hands down and encouraged her creamy thighs to part. Fingers caressed the pink lips lovingly and coaxed groans of pleasure from the guest. Anna thrust her hips against Constance’s probing fingers, enjoying the delicious sensations that the additional pressure created within her.

She led Anna toward the bed. Constance glanced back atTravis and gestured that he should not be too quick to join in. Constance had needs of her own and wanted a taste of Anna for herself. Anna settled down on her back, quivering smooth thighs eagerly spread far apart. Her eyes were glazed over and seemed confused by the potion, her body responding in ways that her own mind could not fathom, as if she had lost control over her own actions. Constance just smiled and gently stroked the silky curls of hair that covered her love mound, and then leaned down towards the supple folds of glistening pink flesh.

Anna’s back arched and she groaned loudly as Constance tenderly pulled the outer folds open and licked upon her virtue.Travis could not see much but realized what was happening. He was intrigued and aroused by the devilish sight and he felt as his manhood eagerly swelled and hardened in the confines of his own clothing. There were lapping sounds as Anna’s beautiful young form writhed and shuddered on the bedding. Her body jerked and twitched in wonderful spasms of pleasure.

It did not take long for her pleasure to peak, andTravis was amazed as he heard her sweet voice crying out in ecstasy as her body wildly thrashed. Constance held on to her slender hips as her face remained buried between those creamy thighs, licking on Anna’s flesh as it flooded with her thick, hot essence. Constance eagerly devoured the pungent reward, stealing from her innocence a bit of the energy thatTravis would soon drain from her.

She motioned toward him andTravis anxiously joined them on the bed. When he looked down at the innocent woman he felt a twinge of guilt as she laid there looking up at him with those glassy, confused eyes. But that feeling was brief and quickly left his mind. He heard Constance’s words in his head speaking of destiny and duty to oneself, and that was enough to overcome his initial reluctance.

Constance pushed Anna’s thighs far apart, and she did not struggle.Travis gazed down at the narrow strip of pink flesh as his own desire mounted. The soft curls of hair that flanked her purpose looked so young and innocent, a reflection of the young woman that was spread before him, coaxed by the potion that his own hands had created. But guilt did not overcome him as he suspected it would. Perhaps Constance had changed him more than he had ever anticipated.

“Drain her for all the energy she has to offer,” Constance reminded her master. “She is not a toy for your own pleasure, but a sacrifice for what you are to become.”

Constance sat beside the bed, in close proximity to observe and instruct. Her hands reached over, soft fingertips gently pushing the outer folds of flesh apart and revealing the tiny opening of her innocence.Travis excitedly dismissed his clothing and revealed his throbbing, steel-hard sword, eager for his second. Constance was suspicious of his enthusiasm, fearful he would finish too quickly.

“Lay beside her,” Constance directed her master, wary of his state. “Kiss her soft lips and tongue, and fondle her silky breasts for a few moments while I prepare you.”

Travis  knew not to defy her guidance, for she knew more than he. Although it was he that was her apprentice now, she still regarded him as her master out of respect. His lips did kiss those of Anna softly, and his tongue tenderly pushed into her warm, supple mouth, arousing hers to do the same. And after they had kissed for a few moments his hands lightly stroked and explored the softness of her soft breasts, enjoying the feel of the smooth skin beneath his curious fingers. Her young body responded, quivering and groaning, seemingly appreciating the way he touched her flesh.

Constance took advantage of the lull, eager to taste her flesh yet again. Her fingers still held the outer pink folds apart, and she only had to put her mouth upon the innocent offering that was laid bare. Her lips and tongue devoured Anna’s delicious virtue. The young guest groaned aloud and writhed upon the bed as Constance’s mouth delivered pleasure as she had never known before. Constance’s palms and fingers caressed her inner thighs while feasting upon Anna’s juicy sacrifice, swallowing the precious nectar that mingled with her saliva and was the source of her own magical energy.

Travis  grabbed a handful of golden hair and pulled Constance from Anna’s loins, for he could see that she was attached to her as a vampire to its victim, consuming all that she had to offer. Constance obediently kneeled at their side as he positioned himself between Anna’s soft thighs, his manhood fully prepared to take her. Anna looked up at him in confusion, knowing not what was happening nor why. Confused innocence showed in the gaze of her glassy brown eyes.

Constance reached her hands over once again, two fingers separating the glistening outer folds. Her other hand encircled the shaft of her master, and she delicately placed the rounded tip of him at her virginal canal. The doorway was tiny yet coated with her own wetness in anticipation, and whenTravis thrust forward he opened the gates of her virtue and the pink tip of his sword entered a small distance inside.

Anna cried out as they knew that she would, assaulted by the stinging pain of his entry. The tender wall of flesh, her maidenhead, was ripped away. Constance watched up close as the shaft of her master withdrew and thrust forward again, deeper this time, into their unsuspecting guest’s belly. It glistened with her thick nectar, a milky coating that eased his repeated entry. Anna’s back arched and body wildly twitched as she cried aloud in a combination of fear, pain, and ecstasy. She had been unprepared for the betrayal that now befell her innocence.

Despite the betrayal Anna’s flesh responded to the feel of Travis ‘s entrance. Her tight canal drew him deeper inside, hungry for the seed that he offered. Her supple thighs raised and spread open wider, and his steel-hard sword penetrated into her virtue completely. The pain was still there but was relieved by a pleasure she had never conceived of, and nectar oozed from within and coated her womanhood with a slick wetness. Every thrust of him now filled her entirely and it felt as if he might rip her apart, yet her tight canal loosened slightly and accepted his plunging manhood as deeply as it could reach.

AsTravis enjoyed the woman beneath him, she erupted into groans of delight as her young body jerked and convulsed uncontrollably. Thick nectar flowed from her belly as she climaxed, and as she didTravis felt a renewed energy. He was close to finishing himself but changed his rhythm, fighting off the inevitable. Constance wet a fingertip with more potion and slipped it into Anna’s mouth, extending her ability to deliver more of her youthful exuberance.

Anna climaxed three times in all, and after the thirdTravis burrowed as deeply inside her virtue as he possibly could and erupted himself. Despite his efforts he felt stronger instead of fatigued, although the same could not be said of Anna. She collapsed onto the bedding with no energy left at all. She was completely drained of all that her innocence could offer.

WhenTravis withdrew his softening manhood, Constance eagerly pounced on him, mindful of the significance of the seed and nectar that lingered on him. Her mouth took him in entirely as she sucked and swallowed the wetness of her and the seed of him combined, stroking his shaft and draining the very last remnants of the event. Then she did the same to Anna, who was too fatigued to respond, and licked her moist pink flesh clean of all energy-bearing traces that remained.

As he watched Constance feasting upon Anna’s flesh like an animal eating the scraps of a carcass,Travis was ashamed of the act he’d committed. Never before had he been so tempted, and had it not been for Constance Anna would still be as innocent and pure as she was when the morning dawn had arrived. Seeing her nude body lying upon the bedding, spent from the pleasure he’d taken, consumed him with rage.

He grabbed a handful of golden hair and dragged his surprised apprentice out of the small thatched cottage. He roughly threw her to the ground and slapped her hard across the face, stunning the young woman.

“Because of you I shall be hanged in the town square for what you’ve compelled me to do to that poor girl,”Travis shouted in anger, then dropped to his knees and raised his fists to the sky and shook them in contempt.

“Anna will say nothing of what happened,” Constance promised as she sheepishly crawled over to him and hugged a leg in fear and despair. “I know that to be true. She has no one to tell and will barely remember meeting us, and nothing of what was done to her under the spell of your amber potion. What you did was your destiny, just as this is mine.”

“Destiny?” he questioned in a mocking tone. “What could you possibly know of it? You are scarcely a year older than the girl that now slumbers in my bed, drained of her strength and innocence.”

“I have lived twice your number of years, and seen more of the world than you could ever imagine.”

Travis  looked down at Constance, stunned by her admission. It was unbelievable, yet explained much of her knowledge and skills. He had sensed something very different about her, unlike that of her twin, and it could not be put into words or described. Peering into her eyes he saw the truth behind them, and realized that she knew more of his fate than he did of hers.

“I know nothing of my parents. I do recall being passed from family to family until they discovered that we did not age as they did, and were passed on again. When we were old enough we earned our keep with labor, enduring life as little more than slaves. The last family that kept us, whom I considered an Aunt, detested us completely and at the first chance sold us to that pathetic man you rescued me from.”

“Your twin…”Travis began as he struggled to understand.

“She aged slowly as I, but was weak in the mind and doomed to death. I feel no remorse for her sacrifice or in any sacrifice that has been foretold in my dreams,” Constance continued to explain. “I know not whose tool that I am. I know only of fate and what must be done as it has been shown to me in my sleep. And yours is life immortal, as the most powerful sorcerer the world has ever known, and you will shape the future for all mankind.”

“I believe you,” he muttered as he scratched his head in confusion.

“I am your apprentice and shall guide you along the path, that is my task,” she reassured him. “It is also my task to give you comfort, and if it is pleasure you seek I am here for that as well. But I must also assemble the resources that you need to gain power, and no matter how distasteful the task, you must have the courage to do as I say without question.”

“I will trust in you without question,”Travis promised. “I knew not my purpose in life, but you have shown me.”

When they returned to the cottage Anna was stirring after a short nap. There was fear and confusion in her eyes, and she still looked to be under the effects of the potion. After realizing she was naked Anna drew her clothing together and eyed them both suspiciously without knowing why.

“You fainted and I brought you here to rest,” Constance explained as she sat on the bed beside their guest and gently stroked her hair. “Your clothing was wet and I set it out to dry. Would you care to rest longer?”

“I must go,” she replied as she slid off the bed. “I thank you for your kindness, good lady. And you as well, sir.”

Constance followed her out of the cottage and watched as she walked down the path from whence she came, and then disappeared from view.

“The potion has increased in effectiveness with your growing power,” Constance offered in answer to the unasked question that she sensed was forming in his mind. “I knew from my dreams that it would leave its user with a dark hole where the memory would have been, and without it there is nothing to reveal. She senses something has occurred, perhaps, but is unable to explain what.”

“If she has no memory of it, then there can be no shame,”Travis rationalized, finding some comfort in his logic. “Do tell, Constance, what task next waits?”

* * * * *

There was much to be done, and they did it together. Roots and animals were gathered and prepared for their use as food and in potions not yet created.Travis did much experimentation in efforts to discover new properties of combined materials, and wielded his newfound power to create magic. He could not deny the changes that he experienced with her assistance, and drew much from their companionship.

The days passed quickly, and in no time at all a fortnight elapsed. Constance disappeared in the afternoon, butTravis barely noticed her absence, so involved was he in his magical discoveries. Hours passed and the sun was growing low in the sky. Just as he was becoming concerned he glanced out and saw her approaching in the company of another, and he realized what this meant. He was on the brink of another sacrifice of innocence. He looked over at his supply of potions and verified several bottles waited. BeforeTravis could even see the details of her face his manhood stirred restlessly within his clothing, reminding him that a fortnight had elapsed since the last time he had pleasured himself.

“She will not know shame,” he reminded himself as a twinge of guilt entered his mind. “It is my destiny and hers as well, and we are but pawns in this puzzle. I shall do my part.”

A few moments later the guest arrived. “I brought an acquaintance to share our evening meal. Her name is Mary. Perhaps you would care to prepare a drink for her, Travis , as she thirsts. Visit with our young guest and I will stoke the fire.”

Mary glanced around uncomfortably, lured by the temptation of food but now sensing danger.Travis reassured her with a smile and a cup of cool water drawn from the stream earlier that day. When she was not looking he retrieved a bottle of potion and caught Constance’s eye, who gestured with a wink.

“The water will make her sleepy, I have seen to it,” Constance whispered to him. “Let her sleep and awaken to the smell of food, for she must have strength for you to draw from it. Leave the cottage for a while and let her relax, for I suspect she fears you. When the meal is prepared we shall dine together, and afterwards you will have her.”

Travis  followed her instructions without complaint and stepped out into the evening air. Smoke billowed from the roof and filled the area with a delicious scent of food. After a time Constance called for him and he returned, once again eager for the pleasure of a young woman.

In his absence Constance had washed Mary, and the freshly cleaned woman sat with a wide grin on her sweet face as the meal was served. Her face was framed with chestnut hair, and big brown eyes peered at the food in anticipation. Her slender body was dressed in shabby cloth, a reminder of the poverty she endured. Constance smiled at her reassuringly, putting her at ease for the moment.

After dinner was consumed Constance asked for the potion. Mary eyed it suspiciously, watching as Constance dripped some on a finger. “It’s for the pain you spoke of earlier.”

Mary’s mouth reluctantly opened, and the thick potion was smeared along the top gum line. She winced from the vulgar taste and recoiled as Constance dripped more onto her finger. Constance gently but firmly grasped her chin and held it in place, then thrust the finger into Mary’s mouth and smeared the potion on the bottom gums. It took only a short time for the potion to take effect. Mary’s eyes glazed over and her body relaxed, a smile forming on her lips as her mind fogged over.

Testing the watersTravis moved to where she sat and knelt beside her. He kissed her lips and withdrew, noticing as she leaned forward towards him in pursuit of his mouth. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bed, sitting her down in the middle. His hands pulled her clothing off and revealed her lovely body, eyes drawn to her soft breasts and the curls of dark hair that fringed her virtue. Constance quickly joined in, eager to have a taste of her innocence before it was taken.

It was apparent that she was confused and scared, as evidenced by the look in her eyes. But her mind was unable to comprehend her predicament, so clouded was it by the potion she had unknowingly accepted. Her body also felt strange as her loins were filled with tingling warmth, and despite her suspicions of the man that removed her clothing and bared her supple flesh, she yearned for him in a way she could not fathom.

Without knowing why Mary’s hands suddenly reached down and pulled his clothing open, soft fingers pulling his swollen sword out into the open. Her head leaned down and took him into her wonderfully warm mouth, lips and tongue fondling his erection.Travis was caught off-guard and looked over at Constance, who had joined them on the bed.

“The potion reveals their deepest desires, and you have discovered hers,” Constance whispered into his ear. “Enjoy this one, for few harbor such fantasies.”

Travis  softly groaned as her incredible mouth licked and sucked upon him, filling her mouth with all that she could take. Her head rocked up and down and her fingers caressed his fur-covered sacs. Despite her innocence she demonstrated surprisingly skill. It commenced slowly but grew in speed and intensity as Mary’s excitement increased, propelled by the potion that was still seeping into her body.Travis could feel himself being drawn ever closer to climax but dared not stop her from performing, for the pleasure was undeniable.

It did not take too long for her mouth to draw the seed from him. He grunted and held her head down as his body thrust upward, pushing his manhood to the back of her throat. As he twitched in delight he injected her with his milky hot seed, and with each spasm one squirt was followed by another until all had been emptied from his sacs. When she glanced up seed dripped from her lips and chin, andTravis could see the hint of a smile that struggled to be seen. She wiped her mouth clean with the bedding and retreated, unsure what had compelled her to perform such a sensual act.

“Would you please me in such a manner?” he questioned.

“I will comfort you in any manner requested,” Constance reassured him.

AsTravis was finished for the time being, Constance took the opportunity to taste their visitor’s treasured innocence. She pushed the girl down into a lying position, and then gently pushed her thighs apart. There was no resistance and at the first hint of what was required her splendidly soft legs moved wide apart and revealed all that she had to offer. Soft dark curls were visible but could not disguise a hint of pink flesh nestled within, glistening with wetness.

Constance anxiously leaned down, palms and fingers lightly caressing Mary’s quivering thighs and enjoying their silky warmth.Travis watched the young woman’s reaction as Constance tenderly parted the outer folds and began licking upon her moist innocence. Mary’s eyes rolled back and her mouth opened wide as if to scream, yet only a breathless groaning was emitted. Her hands reached down and grabbed the bedding, tugging on it hard as her back arched and body writhed in obvious pleasure. The eager guest thrust herself harder against the mouth that licked and sucked upon her virtue, and Constance anxiously swallowed the sweet nectar that oozed from her pure loins.

“She is more potent than the first, and sweet upon my tongue,” Constance commented toTravis as he watched from the bedside. “There is much strength in her to be taken. Your patience will be rewarded.”

Her mouth returned and feasted on the delicious innocence of their carefully selected victim.Travis saw the pleasure Mary experienced and felt better about the deception and sacrifice. Her youthful body wildly twitched and jerked, dispensing her creamy goodness as her flesh was overwhelmed by intense waves of ecstasy. When she did finally climax it was strong, and a rich flood of essence filled Constance’s mouth. She drank greedily, feeling the rejuvenating power of her innocence, then reluctantly withdrew.Travis was in far greater need of her offering, as her dreams of destiny foretold.

Travis  had been filled with such rage and shame and fear after his first time that he had failed to fully savor the experience. But with that behind him he learned from it, and this time gazed down at Mary’s reclined form and drank in her innocent beauty. Those incredible brown eyes, soft mounds of flesh topped by large pink nubs, and the moist treasure of innocence tucked within a small cropping of dark curls. As he admired her physical beauty Constance rubbed more of the potion on her mouth, preparing the confused girl for her loss.

“There is one I seek, as told in my dreams, that will be the one who will give you great power,” Constance whispered to him. “I know not who, but it could be she. The taste of her is potent, more powerful than the first. When you take her be prepared to last, delay the climax, and drain her of all she possesses. You must.”

Travis  nodded his assent, and then lay down alongside her. His lips touched hers again, harder this time, and his hands lightly caressed a breast and teased a nipple to its full size. Mary responded, her hands rubbing upon his upper chest, drawing him to her. The woman was awakened and ready to offer her innocence to him without understanding why. Her legs opened wide again, eagerly pulling him towards her. The seed she had so effectively drained from his sacs was slowly being regenerated, and his softened dagger began to swell again.

“She genuinely wants me,”Travis muttered in a soft whisper that carried only to his own hears, but was heard by Constance nonetheless.

“Do not mistake the effects of the potion for love,” she warned him in a harsh whisper of her own, wary of such pitfalls. “In her right mind she would betray you, just as we have done to her. I have had cautionary visions that were most dreadful.”

Their visitor glanced up, and it was then thatTravis realized the paradox. Her eyes showed fear, confusion, and bewilderment, yet her hands reached for him and her body was willingly offered. But there was no understanding in her young mind of the event that she was a part of. Her flesh merely reacted under the spell of a potion that his own hands had created, which he had foolishly mistaken for affection. His manhood was once again fully erect, and he was filled with a powerful desire. He lay between Mary’s legs to enjoy all that her innocence could provide.

Constance gently pushed her outer pink folds apart and revealed the doorway to ecstasy.Travis positioned the rounded tip of his manhood upon the small opening and slowly pushed forward, feeling as her flesh yielded to his sword and allowed the tip to pop inside of her virtue. Mary groaned aloud as he entered, hands reaching out and grabbing a handful of bedding in reaction. Her head rocked from side to side as her fingers tightened their hold, her supple body shuddering helplessly beneath him.

She was slick with wetness and as he pushed again felt as his sword moved slightly deeper, met by the resistance of her innocence. He tore through as she cried out in pain, her body tensing and twitching wildly.Travis commenced a rhythmic pumping, his sword retreating as a beaten army then thrusting forward again, driving even deeper into her wonderfully warm virtue. Mary panted breathlessly and softly groaned, shuddering in painful pleasure as tingling warmth rippled through her flesh. She felt ecstasy never before dreamed of, intensified by the unnatural magic that would not allow her to remember what she now enjoyed.

Her flowing nectar coated his manhood and eased the task, and allowedTravis to drive deeper still into her belly until she had taken all he had to offer. The discomfort eased as her virtue stretched around his shaft, overcome by the wonderful twinges of delight that accompanied each thrust of his swollen member. Her hands still grasped the bedding and her arms tugged hard against it as her trembling thighs hugged his hips and her body jerked in increasingly powerful spasms.

Her first climax with a man buried deeply inside followed a few moments later. As Mary’s head jerked to one side and her back arched, her open mouth emitted breathless moaning and groaning. Her entire form jerked and twitched in violent spasms against the bed as thick, warm nectar oozed from her belly and bathed him in all its precious, youthful energy. His sword feasted upon her spent innocence and absorbed its strength as his driving manhood swiftly retreated and pushed inside repeatedly, encouraging her virtue to spill more of her succulent nectar. It lasted but a few moments and left her gasping for breath, yet her flesh still shuddered in pleasure and was eager for more.

Travis  felt as he neared climax and rested momentarily as his member throbbed within her wonderful walls which tried to pull him inside deeper still. Once his own excitement ebbed he commenced a rhythmic stroking, and gazed down into those beautiful green eyes and watched her facial reactions as his sword moved inside of her.Travis felt a longing for love that he knew would never be realized, and as a wave of sadness overcame him his hips began driving into her soft young body hard and fast. His weight pushed her lithe form down into the bedding. His pumping was relentless and Mary groaned aloud as her supple flesh twitched beneath him, those delicate thighs clinging to his waist.

Another climax followed, and again his manhood was bathed in a surge of precious wetness that his body eagerly consumed. He kept moving inside of her as she wildly thrashed in ecstasy, longer this time, struggling for breath as her fists tugged on the bedding that she grasped and her thighs tightened against him harder still. Her beautiful body gave all that she offered unselfishly, andTravis eagerly accepted the sacrifice. This time seemed to last forever and he felt a strange power as his sword filled her belly and he absorbed her strength and vigor. When her climax ended she was exhausted, and unable to offer more.

“No more,” she whispered weakly, with barely enough breath to say even that.

“Once more,” Constance directed eager forTravis to drain her of all that he could. “She is fatigued but young and can abide you another.”

Fatigued had lessened Mary’s wild thrashing to barely a shudder, and her moaning and groaning was now but a whisper.Travis thrust deeply into her virtue but could not inspire another climax nor encourage her flesh to dispense the creamy nectar that he so desperately sought, and after a short period he allowed himself the pleasure. With his manhood fully inside he erupted, emptying the seed from his sacs and injecting it deeply into her spoiled canal until all of it had been completely removed. Only then did he reluctantly withdraw from the sweet visitor, sadly aware that she would not recall any of the pleasure he had brought her.


AsTravis sat up on the edge of the bed Constance knelt before him, her warm mouth licking and sucking all remnants of Mary’s creamy nectar from his shaft and tip, and with it his own seed as well. After his manhood was devoid of all but the glistening of her own saliva she placed her head between the thighs of the girl.Travis was disgusted by the loud slurping of her mouth, which licked and swallowed all that remained of her delicious juices. Only after all traces of her innocence had been savored did Constance retreat from Mary, who was now a woman on all accounts.

“I will carry her to the stream and place her on its banks at first light,” Constance explained. “She will remember none of this, or of us. She has given you much, Travis , and with her offering our work will continue anew.”

“I shall sleep alongside her this night,” he declared as he lay back down beside her.

“As you wish, but with the morning light I will carry her off,” Constance responded, making her intentions clear.

A short while later Constance looked over atTravis and noticed that both he and Mary were safely asleep. Suspecting nothing, she curled up beside the fire and drifted off into a deep slumber of her own that was wrought with visions of what had happened, what was about to happen, and what could happen.

Travis  had been asleep but did not remain so. He watched Constance as she laid down beside the fire, then was aware of the naked woman at his side. It took him a moment to collect his thoughts and recall the events that led up to her being there beside him. A smile crossed his lips as he felt a twinge of affection for Mary, and a hand reached over and tilted her head towards him so that he could admire that sweet face once again. His palms and fingers lightly caressed her body, savoring the silky-soft feel of her small breasts and squeezing on both large pink nipples, watching as they swelled and hardened beneath his touch.

She felt incredible, andTravis found he was unable to stop touching her soft flesh. Many minutes passed as he gazed longingly at her face and fondled her bare breasts, feeling as her sleeping body shifted and shuddered. After a while his hands traced along her smooth belly and hips, and then found their way to her thighs. As his palms and fingers lightly caressed her upper legs Mary stirred and her thighs slid apart invitingly, even as she slept. His mouth dipped forward and kissed a throbbing nipple, eventually taking it into his mouth and sucking upon the flesh.

The capped vial of potion was close by and he was prepared to use it should the girl awaken. There was much danger in her seeing him without being under its spell, as Constance had repeatedly warned, but he was hesitant to use it if she was still sleeping. But as Mary stirred once more and softly groaned into the cool night airTravis thought it best and uncapped the potion, dripping a small amount onto his finger. When he reached his hand toward Mary’s mouth he could see her eyes were partially opened, and it startled him. Yet Mary grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand closer, then opened her mouth and eagerly devoured the potion. He replaced it with another small amount, and with a naughty grin on her face Mary readily accepted.

Initially Mary was satisfied laying beside him on her back with her thighs spread far apart, his palms and fingertips gently fondling her quivering inner thighs. She softly moaned as twinges of pleasure rippled through her body, loins filled with the growing warmth of desire. With each passing moment the potion had an increasing effect, and her nude body writhed and quivered as her own excitement mounted. The treasure nestled between her legs throbbed with eagerness, and now shimmered in the light of the moon with creamy wetness.

As before, Mary was filled with a profound desire to suck upon him with her mouth. She slid down the bed until her head was at his crotch, and her mouth anxiously took him inside.Travis anticipated and welcomed this, lying back and softly moaning as her hot mouth enclosed around his sword, licking and sucking and fondling enthusiastically. His erection swelled even further as her mouth aroused him to the fullest, and he felt his sacs filling with seed and his excitement rising as he writhed in delight. All of Mary’s spent energy had been replenished during her slumber, and she was as enthusiastic as could be.

Travis  laid back and enjoyed the strong twinges of pleasure that rippled through his body and made him shudder as her hot mouth devoured his member. Although he had never known pleasure in this manner Mary seemed quite adept, a paradox of innocence and skill that he could not comprehend. Her mouth did not devour him completely, but to the point where he felt the tip of himself pressing against the back of her throat. Her lips felt wonderful as they wrapped tightly around him, eking a taste of his seed as he felt himself nearing climax.

After having experienced the pleasure of being inside of her, Mary’s mouth was no match, although he did enjoy her efforts. As he grew near to ecstasy he pushed her head away and pulled her back into his arms, smiling to show his appreciation.

“You do that very well,”Travis complimented, kissing upon her moist lips.

“The soldiers pay for such things,” she revealed, although no explanation had been requested.

Travis  did not care of the source of her experience, he was merely grateful of the pleasure her mouth could bring. But it was the pleasure her body could bring that interested him now, and his swollen manhood eagerly sought its delight. As he moved atop her those luscious thighs slid far apart and enticed him with what rest between, fringed with dark curls of hair. Her creamy nectar was already flowing andTravis could see traces of it upon the pink folds of flesh. He anxiously pressed the rounded tip of his sword upon the folds and pushed through, feeling for the narrow opening of her spoiled virtue. When it was found he thrust inside, feeling as Mary’s body tensed and jerked, and hearing her soft moans of pleasure.

At the same timeTravis heard Constance groaning aloud and thrashing about. At first it startled him, and then he realized she was having another of her dreams. He disregarded her gyrations and returned his attention to the beautiful young woman that now lie beneath him and so readily accepted him inside of her. The moist canal that he entered tightly encircled his shaft and drew him in deeper, and with each thrust he plunged more fully into her belly. In a short time he filled her completely, withdrawing until only the tip of him remained and then returning fully back inside of her glorious flesh. Her body felt great, and created powerful sensations within him. His efforts pleased her as well, and Mary groaned aloud as intense, twitching spasms of ecstasy rippled through her supple flesh.

Thick nectar oozed from her, and it dripped from her outer folds and onto the bedding. It also coated his erect sword, but this time he did not absorb it as before. There was nothing for him to gain from his efforts on this occasion except the simple pleasure of being with her.

Constance was unaware of their activities as she dreamed of another vision. She saw a young woman on the path into town and stopped to observe her. She was not from poverty, for her clothing was clean and new. She had hair of gold like Constance, and a pretty face that smiled happily. The vision faded and Constance next sawTravis in bed with the vision, his hardened sword thrusting deeply inside. There was no tenderness. This time he stroked her wildly, like an animal, and she screamed and struggled as he wrestled the innocence from her. But as her nectar flowed it was fully absorbed, and even as Constance watched she could see the power that was beheld.

Constance awoke with a start, at first bewildered by her surroundings. She was accustomed to awakening in bed beside her master, and it took a moment to recognize the surroundings. She then overheard muffled groaning and smelled the sickly-sweet aroma of aroused flesh. As her eyes opened she could seeTravis thrusting between the spread thighs of Mary, pleasuring himself within her flesh. The act itself was no threat but also of no value, yet Constance was concerned by his preoccupation with the young woman. His desire for her was self-defeating, and she was wary of the danger it posed if it should continue.

She was drawn to their activity and watched from her position near the fire. Mary’s thighs clutched his hips, pressing against them as her supple body jerked and shuddered upon the bed.Travis took long, slow strokes, pushing himself completely into her body before withdrawing, then thrusting forward again. They both moaned and groaned in pleasure, and no doubt her thick, sweet nectar was flowing as readily as before.

Constance was jealous, wishing that it was she that lay beneath her master. A hand reached beneath her clothing and touched the tender flesh between the thighs, creating a twinge of delight in her own body. She continued rubbing herself down there, enjoying what little she could as she watched the activities occurring just a short distance away.

They continued for quite some time and Constance was impressed by his endurance. At least two times she could see that Mary climaxed while he was inside, her body twitching and shuddering in powerful spasms of ecstasy for a brief time, the sound of her voice filling the cottage and spilling into the forest that surrounded them. A brief time afterTravis released his seed, plunging deeply into her and grunting aloud, twitching as his manhood spurted his milky juices into her awaiting belly. He continued thrusting until she had drained him completely, and only after she had did he withdraw and lay beside her.

Constance was now fully aroused, her own flesh damp with wetness. Craving the pleasure they shared she crawled toward the bed, and kneeling beside it she leaned over in search of Travis ‘s softened manhood. He jumped, startled by her sudden appearance, but did not shirk as her mouth took him inside and began licking and sucking on him. Although there was nothing to be had by the action Constance licked Mary’s creamy remnants from his flesh, then sucked and withdrew the last bit of seed from his shaft, swallowing all that she could find.

But this time Constance did not stop after all was licked clean. Her mouth took him in deeply, all the way to the back of her throat, and continued sucking upon his sword. Her hands reached forward and her soft fingertips gently caressed his fur-covered sacs and then stroked the base of the shaft that her mouth could not reach. Her head rocked back and forth rapidly as her lips wrapped tightly around him, her hot mouth and warm saliva re-energizing Travis . After a short time his softened member began to swell and harden yet again, and with it desire grew within him. Passion already filled Constance, and she was eager to have him in the same way that Mary had enjoyed.

Constance did not need any potion to be aroused by her master, and after her mouth had gotten him fully hard she crawled upon the bed and straddled his waist. Her soft fingers guided him into position and she lowered, impaling herself upon his sword. Her canal yielded to his swollen size and her own creamy wetness coated him as he thrust upward into her. They both moaned in delight,Travis surprised by the sudden need of his apprentice.

Mary looked upon their activity with interest, never before having seen such a thing occur. Desiring to be a part of it she moved to her knees and leaned forward, taking Constance’s breasts into her hands and fondling them, as her warm mouth also began licking and sucking upon a swollen nipple. Constance welcomed her attentions and hugged Mary’s neck, drawing her mouth harder upon her breast.

At the same time her body slowly rocked up and down asTravis thrust upward, driving his aroused manhood deeply into her belly. He was excited not only by the feel of Constance upon his member but also by the sight of his two favorite women coupling in the manner that they were. Even in the darkness he could see the beauty of their naked moonlit bodies.

Constance suddenly gasped as Mary bit down roughly on a nipple. But instead of pushing her away, the arm that encircled Mary’s head pulled her mouth harder against her flesh. The pain only accented Constance’s pleasure, and Mary roughly nibbled on the throbbing nub as she licked and sucked upon it as well. Constance moaned aloud as she felt Travis ‘s manhood filling her supple loins and Mary’s hands and mouth on her breasts and nipples. It required but a few more moments before her pleasure piqued. When she climaxed Constance cried out, her smooth flesh twitching in powerful spasms of ecstasy and smearing Travis ‘s crotch with her warm, creamy nectar.

WhenTravis was done Constance lay between him and Mary. Mary was still full of energy and kissed her mouth, their tongues entwining in intimate kisses. As they kissed, Mary’s hands fully explored Constance’s soft, silky body, eager for more still. When Constance did not react Mary eventually grew tired of the task and drifted off to sleep like the others in the bed.

Constance had initially intended to lay Mary by the river and allow her to awake with no knowledge of what had happened, but that did not occur. They all awakened next morning, one before the other, but all lying still in the cool morning air until all had escaped their slumber. Constance arose before the others to cook a chunk of meat to be eaten, adding flavor in the form of crushed roots they had collected in the previous days.

“More,” Mary’s voice announced.

“More?”Travis replied, unsure for what she beckoned.

Mary knew not the name for what she desired, and gestured by rubbing a finger along her upper gums.Travis knew instantly what she wanted; more potion. His eyes looked away, toward a bottle of the amber liquid a short distance away. Mary followed his gaze and lunged for the potion for which she craved, but Constance had returned from the fire and snatched it away before Mary could wrap her fingers around its container.

“More!” Mary demanded, looking angrily at Constance and the bottle in her hand.

Travis  circumvented the standoff by sliding off the bed and walking across the cottage to the place where a handful of amber-filled bottles awaited. He picked up two in one hand and returned to the bed with them, Mary staring hungrily.

“What will you do with them?” he inquired, curious of her motives.

“The soldiers,” she answered.

More was not required.Travis and Constance both immediately understood. Mary frequented the castle gates to earn money for food. Until this time she did so with her mouth, but from this point forward would do so with her young body, and under the influence of the potion to ease the pain and shame of such an act.

“Stay,”Travis responded.

Constance was surprised by his offer, as was Mary. Her eyes opened wide and a huge smile appeared on her sweet face. She leaned forward and kissedTravis on his face in thanks.

“Why do you propose such a thing?” Constance questioned, shocked by the thought of allowing the woman to stay.

“Who better to lure others to us?” he responded with a question of his own.

Constance did not approve but agreed with his logic. Mary was familiar with the area and its inhabitants, and perhaps could locate the one they sought. But there was also a sense of distrust, and Constance was not reassured by her apparent exuberance. All it would take was an accusation of impropriety to bring the authorities to their threshold, and Mary knew enough to bring that trouble.


Travis  returned to the bed with the two bottles of amber potion, dangling them just out of her reach.

“What shall you do for them?” he asked, curious of her answer and how much she had learned of their motives during her stay.

Mary looked at Travis ‘s softened member and made a sucking motion, knowing that he liked the way she kissed him. ButTravis was already aware of her skills and gestured that it was not good enough, not for two bottles, and Mary knew that more was required of her,

“I will bring another,” she revealed. “There are many I know. A taste of what was rubbed on my mouth will bring them.”

Travis  could not hide his appreciation of her naked body, and once again he admired the swell of her supple breasts and smooth skin. This time when she reached for the bottles her hands locked around them and reeled them in, her eyes gazing with desire at her catch.

“This is your home,”Travis stated, as humble as it was. “Bring another before darkness falls, one who will not be missed, and I will give you another bottle.”

With the two bottles of amber potion in hand, Mary scurried away from Constance’s hateful glare and disappeared into the cool morning light. Constance continued staring at the doorway, angered by Travis ‘s wastefulness.

“You’re displeased,”Travis guessed.

“I am,” she announced. “It’s a waste of what little remains.”

“I made what we have, and more I can make,” he reminded his beautiful apprentice, disappointed by her uncaring attitude towards Mary. “She earned what I gave her, and will bring another.”

“Yes, you can make more,” she acknowledged. “I have worked so hard to give you the power you have attained, and now it will be squandered on such a petty task. It delays your real purpose, and with each delay the risks increase.”

Travis  dismissed her concern with a sigh and turned away, looking at the collected roots to determine how much potion could be produced. He knew that Constance was the source of his newfound power, but he regarded her attitude with disdain, for she cared little about Travis ‘s emotions surrounding the issue of Mary.

“Had you realized that Mary seems to be immune from the after-affects of the potion?” Constance said aloud, revealing her observations. “The others could not remember what we’d done, but she awoke with a hunger for more. She could betray us both.”

“Not if she gets what she wants,” he decided. “When I refuse her more, the danger begins. When that happens, I’ll have no further use for her, and I’ll leave her to you.”

A vicious smile appeared on her lips as she imagined wringing Mary’s neck, that smug grin being removed from her cute little face permanently. “I’ll see that she remains no danger to us.”

* * * * *

Childish giggling echoed through the forest before anyone could be seen. The sound luredTravis to the doorway and he ventured outside. He peered down the path but was unable to spot its source. It continued, growing louder with the passage of time, accompanied now by the sound of voices. A moment later two bodies appeared, andTravis knew that Mary was bringing another. He could see her form, and that of another, a stranger, with dark hair.

He lingered outside and watched as they approached, noticing the slender form of his next offering. She was pretty, but lacked the spark that Mary possessed. Her young body was appealing, however, and he already felt a twinge in his loins as he thought of disrobing the girl and enjoying her innocence.

The giggling girls stopped a short distance away, unaware of his presence.Travis watched as Mary uncapped a vial of potion and dripped some upon a finger, and then inserted it into the other’s mouth. The stranger grimaced then giggled aloud, apparently enjoying the feeling the potion provided. The two girls kissed one another upon the lips, and then proceeded along the path toward him, and destiny.

“Travis !” Mary exclaimed in an excited voice. “I brought my friend Elizabeth. May she eat with us?”

“There is food aplenty,” he responded, pretending to pay no attention to the details of Mary’s companion. “Go to the river and swim for a bit, and dinner will be ready.”


Mary knew what he really wanted, and that was for Elizabeth to be washed before their return to the cottage. The air was slightly cool but Mary led her to the river’s edge regardless, and after coaxing the clothes from her body the two nude girls jumped into the water and playfully dodged one another’s splashes and in so doing cleansed themselves of dirt.

Mary retained the vials of potion in one hand, fearful of their loss. After a time Elizabeth requested more, and Mary dispensed another few drops on a finger which Elizabeth anxiously drew into her mouth. Elizabeth enjoyed the way it made her head swim, but lacking male companionship it did not encourage her to perform sensual acts more than simple kissing. But kissing was enough for Mary, whose lips pressed upon Elizabeth’s mouth in desire. Their tongues touched as well, but Elizabeth recoiled after Mary pressed hers deeply inside Elizabeth’s mouth, both girls giggling happily afterward.

Mary was not finished with her advances, the potion having taken a hold of her youthful desires for the intimacy of another regardless of sex. She lunged at Elizabeth and dragged her down into the waist-deep river. At the same time as they struggled with one another Mary’s hands cupped and fondled the small breasts of her friend, savoring the feel of her supple flesh and hardened nipples. Elizabeth shrieked playfully in a bid for freedom, thinking nothing of the hands upon her bare breasts. Mary continued fondling her playmate as their wrestling continued for a time, the erotic touching setting her loins ablaze with passion and excitement.

Elizabeth grew wary of Mary’s hands and drew their playfulness to a close, complaining of a hunger that was always present in the belly of a beggar regardless the age. The girls left the river and slipped back into their modest clothing before running to the cottage. Upon entering Constance was warming a meal above the fire, andTravis was sitting on the edge of the bed with something in his hand.

“Elizabeth hungers,” Mary declared, announcing both the name of her friend and explaining the purpose for their sudden appearance. “Is it ready to eat?”

“Shortly,” was Constance’s response.

As he girls waited, Elizabeth’s attention was drawn to the amber-filled vial that was in Travis ‘s hand. She gazed at it for a time, and then was drawn by its presence. She sat on the bed beside him, her longing gaze the equivalent of asking for some. Sitting beside him she became aware of her attraction, and reached an arm around his waist and hugged him.Travis smiled and uncapped the vial, dripping a bit onto a finger. Her mouth opened wide in anticipation, then watched as he rubbed it on his own mouth.

“Please,” Elizabeth whispered, suspecting that he was teasing her.

Mary was not to be ignored and she kneeled in front of Travis , in the midst of their interaction. She looked up him with a wide grin on her face, already knowing what was to happen. For although she did not recall much of what had happened to her that night, Mary’s steady intake of potion had allowed her to reclaim a portion of her memory, enough so that she was aware of what was about to befall her companion. But it did not bother her. To the contrary, it aroused and excited Mary, for her addiction to the potion and passion was both rapid and complete.

Travis  hesitated for effect, mindful of the pleading look in Elizabeth’s large brown eyes. Her large pink lips quivered, prepared for the wicked taste but anticipating its effect. On impulse he leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. Without knowing why Elizabeth kissed him back, their moist lips meeting. She was caught off-guard as she felt his tongue pushing into her mouth, yet her own tongue responded in its own way, nervous and hesitant. It took only a moment for warmth to flare in her belly. She had no way of knowing how hot it would grow, aided by the potion that to this point only seemed like innocent fun.

After a few moments of tasting her soft lips he withdrew. Her eyes followed his hands and watched as he pulled the top from a vial and dripped a bit of the magical potion onto his finger. Elizabeth did not question its origin. Mary had shown her its effects, and it was that which she now hungered. Her mouth opened wide asTravis rubbed his finger along her upper gums. Her face winced as she tasted the disgusting flavor, but looked for more after his finger withdrew.Travis repeated the process with more and after the second dose was administered she seemed satisfied with what he had dispensed.

Elizabeth seemed not to care whenTravis pulled her clothing open, revealing the soft, supple flesh within. Her eyes had since glazed over in reaction, and againTravis saw the paradox of fear and confusion in her lovely brown eyes while her body willingly yielded to his whims. Her pink nipples swelled and hardened as they were exposed to the cool air. He gazed at her firm, luscious breasts, and then glanced down at the brown patch of fur between her legs which were protectively held closed.

Travis  saw Mary as she looked up expectantly, eager for potion as well. On a whim he tipped the vial and dripped a few drops on Elizabeth’s left breast and nipple. Mary leaned forward and anxiously devoured her friend’s flesh. Elizabeth gasped in surprise and groaned aloud as Mary’s warm mouth licked and sucked on her bare mound and throbbing nipple, swallowing the smeared potion and creating twinges of pleasure in her innocent body that slowly awakened the woman inside. Elizabeth’s bewilderment was evident in her reaction, but her flesh shamelessly welcomed the sensations Mary’s mouth generated.

After licking her breast clean Mary kneeled upright and leaned towards her face. The intimate kissing that had been denied her earlier, at the river, was now permitted as Elizabeth was consumed with excitement.Travis watched as their supple mouths met and tongues pushed into each other’s mouths, playfully exploring the velvet-smooth warmth of one another. The scene caused his member to swell and harden, and he was filled with desire for his girls.

Constance could see where things were heading, and she was anxious to have them wait until after the meal had been enjoyed. She motioned for Travis , who left the bedside and approached his apprentice. They both observed Mary and watched as she passionately kissed their guest’s sweet mouth. It was only a few moments before Mary’s hands reached up and cupped Elizabeth’s soft breasts, fondling the smooth mounds. She grasped the swollen nipples between thumb and index finger, twisting on the rubbery nubs of flesh. Elizabeth’s reaction was predictable as her body shuddered and writhed, overcome with excitement.

“We have awakened an insatiable hunger in Mary,” Constance noted, surprised by her unusual behavior. “She could be a danger to us even before the potion runs out, Travis .”

“I know,” he agreed, seeing it as well. “When the time has come, she’ll be yours.”

Constance was jealous of Mary, as the sight of Elizabeth’s innocent flesh made her mouth water. She wanted to be the one kissing and fondling their young visitor, arousing her virtue and making it moist with creamy wetness. It was one of the reasons she wanted her gone, besides the fact that her behavior might attract much attention that could be damaging for them. Her jealousy turned to anger as she watched Mary pulling the clothes from Elizabeth’s body and pushing her down onto the bed. As Mary kneeled between her spread thighs Constance knew what she was about to do. Constance desired and needed the taste of her innocent virtue, and would not stand for Mary to prevent such a thing.

Constance crossed the room and grabbed a handful of Mary’s chestnut hair, jerking her away. She glanced at Elizabeth, who appeared confused and unsteady, and invited her to the table to eat. Still clutching Mary’s hair she pulled the girl outside and bent her over a tree stump, where she directed her to remain. Mary knew that she had overstepped her bounds even as the effects of the potion remained in her body. Her mind was numb but aware of her transgressions, and for this reason she did not dare defy Constance in her state of rage. Constance pulled the clothing from her body and left her naked, staring down at the ground with her belly on the roughly cut stump, splinters of wood painfully stabbing into her skin.

“You were to bring her to us, nothing more,” Constance said in a harsh voice, displaying her rage. “She is for Travis , not a toy for you to play with. My only regret is that the potion will lessen the pain of your punishment.”

Constance ripped a small branch from a nearby tree and tested it on her hand. Satisfied, she stood behind Mary and commenced to whipping her bare bottom with the stick. She swung it hard and each time it struck her flesh it left a streak of red. Every time it struck, her body jerked and scraped against the splinters, causing additional jolts of sharp pain. She vented her rage in this manner until her arm tired, leaving Mary criss-crossed with angry red stripes. Constance saw her body trembling and could hear her sobs, but even this did not soften her heart.

“I will fetch you after my anger subsides. Remain there until I return.”

Travis  had a soft spot for Mary, but upon Constance’s return he saw her anger and did not protest her actions. He sat beside Elizabeth and gave her pieces of food, watching as she hungrily devoured everything he passed to her. It was evident she did not eat on a routine basis, and used this opportunity for all it was worth.Travis gave her a large portion, allowing her to feast. He knew that food meant strength, and he wanted her to be strong so that he could steal it from her later when her innocence was sacrificed. After a few bites she sipped water from a cup and glanced at him with a thankful smile on her sweet face.

Travis  gently swiped a few stray strands of damp hair out of her face. He smiled warmly at the innocent girl, feeling a small bit of regret for what he was going to do to her. It was a shame that poverty had left her so vulnerable to men like himself, but as Constance continually reminded him, it was the hands of destiny that shaped each person’s fate. Hers was that of sacrifice so that he could gain strength. Elizabeth glanced at him with a trusting and grateful smile in a way that warmed his heart.

He left Elizabeth in Constance’s care, knowing that once the girl had eaten she would be placed in bed for a fitting rest. Several hours would pass before he could enjoy her innocence, so he stepped outside in search of Mary. Despite the trouble she’d caused with Constance, he cared for her still and found her to be a useful diversion. He found her leaning over the old stump naked, her round bottom covered in narrow red stripes. Mary heard footsteps and was fearful it was Constance returning for more lashes. Her body froze in fear untilTravis stepped into her field of view.

“I have to stay here,” Mary announced when she saw him approaching.

“Then you must,”Travis replied, indicating no willingness to countermand her instructions. “But perhaps I can ease your discomfort.”

He pulled his clothing open and exposed his semi-aroused sword. He was aware of her interest in sucking upon it, and noticed that her eyes were riveted. His fingers pulled back the foreskin and revealed the rounded pink tip. Her mouth surged forward towards him and she licked the soft tip hungrily. But before he allowed her to take him inside of her mouth he uncapped a vial of potion and dripped a small amount onto the tip. ThenTravis moved forward and softly groaned in delight as he felt her magnificent mouth around his shaft.

He slowly rocked back and forth, allowing Mary’s mouth to remain stationary as she licked and sucked enthusiastically in a bid to earn forgiveness.Travis knew that Constance would not approve, but she was busying herself with Elizabeth and would be distracted for a time. There was no value in his seed, he rationalized, and therefore mattered little where it was deposited. Only their young victims had value, and even then only for a brief time.

When Constance returned to the hut Elizabeth was reclined on the bed, her head slowly rocking from side to side and soft groans emitting from her sweet mouth. Both hands were between her soft, parted thighs, fingertips lightly caressing her inner thighs and the moist outer pink folds of her virtue. The young visitor seemed oblivious to Constance’s return and paid her no attention, as she was fully concentrating on delivering pleasure to herself. A wide smile appeared on Constance’s lips as she approached and dropped to her knees beside the bed.

Elizabeth was not surprised as she felt hands pulling her closer to the edge of the bed. Her eyelids fluttered as her mind was completely under the influence of the potion, no longer capable of fear or reason. Her back arched and she groaned aloud as Constance’s lips and tongue pressed against her juicy flesh. Her supple thighs quivered as her host feasted on her thick, creamy nectar. A slurping sound ensued, intermingled with Elizabeth’s soft moans and breathless gasps of ecstasy. The delightful tingling was intense and overwhelming, and her drugged body and mind craved for more.

Constance wrapped her arms around Elizabeth’s upper thighs, holding her in place as her hot mouth and darting tongue teased and tempted her delicious young flesh. The oozing nectar was greedily lapped up and swallowed, filling Constance with a surge of forbidden energy and intense excitement. She wanted so badly to slide a finger inside her guest’s virtue, pierce her innocence, and absorb all the strength she had. But as tempting as it was Constance knew that had to be reserved for Travis , who at this time was wasting his own strength on a woman that had no more to offer.

Elizabeth’s body thrashed and writhed upon the bed, gasping and moaning in powerful ecstasy. Constance was skilled in coaxing a flood of nectar from her victims. Her tongue licked and teased, and her mouth sucked and swallowed as the sweet wetness of her innocence was spilled.

Ordinarily she would draw just enough to replace her lost strength, but her disgust with Travis ‘s desires and wastefulness drove her to feast even longer upon the innocent’s virtue. Constance was unaccustomed to such feasting, and her head swam as she anxiously licked and sucked and swallowed every last drop of delicious honey that she could coax from Elizabeth’s succulent body. It was full of flavor and energy, and as Constance drank it in, her guest was left weaker by the moment.

It took a short while but it was readily apparent when Elizabeth achieved her first orgasm. Her young body tensed and convulsed in wild thrashing, her breathless groaning louder than before. Constance had difficulty holding her in position as her mouth swallowed the sudden surge of sweet, hot nectar. Constance experienced a thrilling rush as a surge of energy filled her own body, a surge like never before that filled her flesh with tingling jolts. Elizabeth’s climax lasted for several moments, and for the duration her virtue issued a prolonged flood of powerful nectar for her feasting host.

After climax, Elizabeth’s hands pushed on Constance in a bid for her freedom. She tried kicking her legs and pulling herself free, but Constance’s hold was strong.

“Please, I’m too tired,” Elizabeth complained feeling exhausted. “I must sleep.”

Enticed by the initial surge of energy, Constance hungered for more. But then she thought ofTravis and knew she could not continue, for her master needed to feast. Her hands reluctantly released their guest and Constance watched as Elizabeth turned away and curled beneath a blanket, seeking its restful warmth.

Travis  remained with Mary outside, his pulsating manhood, glistening with saliva, plunging in and out of her mouth. His hands grasped the back of her head, holding it in an optimum position for his own pleasure. Mary’s mouth sucked upon him with a surprising amount of skill for a woman of her age, and that caused him to wonder how long she’d relied on that skill to survive. But the thought was fleeting and a wondrous twinge in the tip of his sword caused him to softly groan aloud as he savored the tingling warmth which emanated throughout his body.

The twinges of pleasure increased, and his sword was swollen as large and as hard as was possible. As Mary’s mouth hungrily licked and sucked upon his pulsating manhood,Travis grunted in overwhelming ecstasy. His seed-laden balls released their payload, and creamy white bursts of semen overfilled her awaiting mouth. That triggered a final burst of activity, and Mary skillfully coaxed the remaining seed from his body until all had been released.

“Constance has been distracted by your friend,”Travis spoke as he covered himself again, gazing down admiringly at his young charge. “You can either stay here or follow me back in. I doubt she harbors any more anger towards you. It’s generally short-lived.”

Mary glanced toward the doorway, uncertain of her own safety. She hesitantly removed herself from the stump and stood, then bent down and retrieved her stained clothing. All the while she kept looking at the doorway, nervous of Constance’s return.

“The soldiers are paid today, and will be looking for me,” Mary announced. “I should make the most of it, for the days are long when the pain of hunger is in me.”

“What of your friend?” he inquired.

“She is no friend of mine, for if she were I would not have brought her here,” Mary confessed. “I remember most of what happened to me, and wish it only upon my enemies. But at least I have the potion now, and that will make the pain and shame of the soldiers’ ill treatment easier.”

Travis  gave her a measured look, trying to detect her true cause for leaving. Was she a threat at this time, and were her intentions to betray him? Or had that not yet occurred to her naïve mind, and was the possibility of it still in the future?

“I’ll be making more potions,”Travis casually mentioned, trying to tempt her quick return. “The soldiers may force you to consume most of what you have. Come round in the morning and fetch Elizabeth, and I’ll have a few more bottles for you.”

He did not look but sensed a smile on her face, and felt reassured that her intentions at this time were not devious. She bid him farewell and walked towards town, the two vials of potion clinking together inside her clothing. For Mary, life had taken a strange turn, where betrayal had become a profitable affair.

Travis  found Elizabeth sleeping deeply in his bed. The air was tinged with a slight hint of the erotic activity that had taken place a short while earlier, and the thought leftTravis with a sour taste. He had never approved of Constance’s need to attach herself to their young victims in such a manner, and in his absence it appeared that Constance enjoyed a longer feast than was necessary.

“You have exhausted our guest,”Travis announced in an accusing tone.

“I was filling my needs while you were recklessly squandering your energy,” Constance shot back, visibly upset by his pointless escapades. “Give her time to sleep and she’ll have plenty for you to drain tonight.”

“Fine!” he replied in an irritated voice. “Perhaps I shall search for roots and berries in the time being and prepare an exceptionally large batch of potion!”

She knew he was angry when he stormed off, but she was angry as well. Several hours passed, during which time Constance fed their guest again and allowed her to sleep more. Rebuilding her strength forTravis was of the utmost importance.

AsTravis walked through fields and stands of trees with no apparent destination in mind, he encountered the most amazing tree he’d ever before seen. The trunk was as thick as he was long, and thrust straight into the sky above. It lacked the branches and leaves of similar trees, but had a coating of bark like none other. It shimmered invitingly, as if laced with flecks of silver and gold. He was mesmerized by its discovery, and wondered why he had failed to notice it before.


His anger quickly dissipated as he sat upon the ground and contemplated the tree’s presence. It appeared to exist for some special purpose, and he silently wondered if Constance had any inkling as to what that might be. She was very intuitive and seemed to know so much about fate and destiny that he believed she might be knowledgeable of this discovery. With a skip in his step he returned to his abode, hopeful of learning more and aroused by the thought of bedding another virgin.

“Soon,” Constance whispered asTravis returned with a wide grin on his face. “Let her sleep a bit longer.”

The sky had grown dark when he arrived and the hearth glowed with yellowish light and emanated warmth. He stepped closer to the glowing embers in an attempt to chase away a chill that had settled in during his brief journey. Constance sensed he had something to share and so she stood beside him and embraced him with her left arm.

“I found a most unusual tree,” he announced in an excited tone. “I’m unable to explain why I never before noticed it. The lack of branches and leaves draws much attention. But it is the bark I find most incredible of all. It is thick, and shimmers with tiny veins of silver and gold.”

Constance gasped and leaned against him for support as the legs beneath her suddenly buckled. Travis ‘s heart skipped a beat as he realized the discovery marked a turning point that she had seen in one of her revealing dreams. He reached out and supported her long enough to help her to a nearby chair to sit on.

She looked up at him with horror-filled eyes, momentarily unable to speak as frightened as she was by his revelation.

“Mary…” Constance began but found herself unable to continue.

“She’s gone back to town, to meet the soldiers at the gate and earn some gold,”Travis said. “I promised her potion in the morning and I have complete faith she will return for it.”

She nodded her head in agreement. “Mary will bring us another. She’ll bring us the one in my dreams, the one fate has promised. Tomorrow you will have the power you always wanted, and more greatness than those who have lived before you.”

“Then why do you fret?”

Constance’s heart was overburdened by the revelations of the dreams that foretold of the future. It was difficult to place the visions into understandable words. “Power requires sacrifice, and a toll will be paid for the glory you seek. The tree…I have seen it in my dreams and it has great significance, but I can say no more.”

“What does it mean?” he questioned in frustration. “You know more!”

Constance snapped. Reality and dreams entwined until she cold barely distinguish one from the other. “Your lifeless body will hang from it. More I do not know. But that is your destiny.”

“And what is yours?” he questioned. “How do I yield the promised power in death?”

“Your thirst for virgins will outlive your human form, of that I am certain. Even beyond death such sacrifice will fuel greatness,” she explained as best she could. “Only those who know of it can harness its true power. I will be there, Travis . Trust always in thee.”

“What of Elizabeth?” he questioned.

“You need her now more than ever. I am ashamed that I have stolen some of her energy, but by this time it has been recovered. Take all that is offered. And when the fair-haired one appears tomorrow, her gift will finalize your destiny.”

Travis  was heavy of heart. Constance’s telling words of his death made everything seem so final. Her promises of a life after death were inconceivable to him. Even the promise of virgins could not lift his spirits.

* * * * *

The sun had dipped beneath the horizon when Elizabeth stirred.Travis heard her movements and approached her with some water and a bottle of potion. Their adorable guest wiped several strands of dark silky hair from her innocently sexy eyes and leaned on her left elbow. She looked up atTravis suspiciously as he sat on the edge of the bed but accepted the water.

Elizabeth remembered confusing snippets of what had happened before she drifted off to sleep, but not enough to recall what events had transpired. She remembered enjoying a powerful orgasm, but was uncertain if it had really happened or had only been a dream. Still, she sensed danger surrounded her in the abode and her eyes searched for the door.

“You’re confused,” he said. “I see it in your eyes. Mary was naughty for touching you the way she did so we sent her away.”

“Mary…” she whispered, and recalled being touched by her new friend in a most unnatural way. But Elizabeth also recalled liking it, and that realization suddenly shamed the young woman. “Yes, I do recall now. But she’s gone, you say?”

“Constance bent her over the tree stump outside and hit her with a stick for punishment, and afterwards Mary left,” he explained, lacing enough truth in his statement to satisfy her curiosity. “We thought it best you sleep. And now that darkness has descended, you should stay the night.”

“Yes,” Elizabeth agreed as she lay on her back with a full belly and enjoyed the smell of food that emanated from the hearth.

It was almost as if she’d found herself a home. Sleeping in a bed was a treat, and so much better than the damp ground. Begging for money to buy food and clothing was a necessity but she hated it with a passion. But here, she embraced the warmth of human companionship and really felt acceptance from the wonderful new people that strangely entered her life.

She was not at all alarmed whenTravis gently pulled her head upon his lap. Elizabeth sighed in contentment and her eyes closed as his fingers lightly caressed her smooth face and sifted through her long strands of shiny hair. Their guest enjoyed all the comforts provided, and a smile formed on her full pink lips as she enjoyed the way he touched her. She was unable to remember any other time when she felt so safe and loved.

Constance crossed the room and kneeled beside the bed. Her soft hands tenderly massaged Elizabeth’s hands and arms, further relaxing their guest. The young woman sighed again as her eyes opened and she smiled at each one of them in appreciation and affection.

“I never want to leave here,” Elizabeth whispered in complete honesty. “You have given me all that I want and need.”

“After tomorrow, you’ll never need to,” Constance assured her in a soft, comforting voice. “Open your mouth for me.”

Without understanding why, Elizabeth eagerly fulfilled the request. She watched asTravis produced a small vial filled with a thick amber liquid of some type. He dabbed a generous amount on a finger and rubbed it against her upper gums. She winced as a wicked taste filled her mouth. He repeated the process, rubbing more on her lower gums. She recoiled after the second dose, and was relieved when the vial was capped and removed from her sight.

Elizabeth wanted to protest their actions, but sensed that resistance would shatter the illusion of companionship and affection that she found in their embrace. Instead she swallowed the excess saliva that the application generated and enjoyed the warmth that suddenly surfaced in her virtuous loins.

Constance it would take a short while for the potion to take full effect and her soft fingers loosened Travis ‘s clothing and exposed his semi-erect manhood. His faithful apprentice looked up at him with a sparkle in her clear green eyes, and then took the round tip of him inside her warm, wet mouth.Travis softly groaned and leaned back against the bed frame as he rapidly swelled with excitement. Elizabeth’s eyes opened wide in surprise and disbelief but she was unable to look away.

Constance saw the wayTravis eyed their guest and she alone understood how vitally important the girl was to their future. He needed to drain as much energy from Elizabeth as possible, and a quick climax could not be allowed. So she loved him in a manner he seemed to enjoy, hoping that it would extend the duration of his coupling.

He was fully hardened, and as Constance enthusiastically licked and sucked the full length of his erection his hands gently cupped her head. His fingers sifted through the silky golden strands of hair, and his heart swelled with a fierce sense of love and adoration that he had never acknowledged until now. Tears welled up in his eyes as his hairy balls ached for release.

The potion seemed to be having the intended effect on their guest, for Elizabeth was no longer satisfied in her role as observer and now became an active participant. As Constance’s head bobbed up and down and her lips and tongue worked the semen from his balls, Elizabeth gently caressed and licked on his dangling balls. Watching both of them feasting on his manhood was a thrilling rush of its own.

Both of their warm, wet mouths, lips, and tongues combined to create intense sensations of tingling delight. The semen slowly rose from his balls and up the stimulated shaft. He grew larger still as more blood filled his penis, and the smooth, swollen tip became more sensitized. Constance sensed he was close and she diligently continued her sensual efforts.

When his entire body tensed she took him in to the back of her throat.Travis groaned in pleasure loud enough to frighten several nearby animals, who noisily retreated into the woods at the same time as he ejaculated thick clumps of seed into her hungry mouth. A smile appeared on her face and Constance continued sucking on him, tasting several more discharges until the last remnants had been drained from his body.

Elizabeth’s eyes appeared glassy and confused, unable to comprehend her strange need for sexual stimulation. When Constance leaned towards her Elizabeth accepted the kiss, and with it thick semen that the woman transferred into her mouth with a tongue. The warmth in Elizabeth’s loins sparked into an all-consuming fire, and her lithe form shifted uncomfortably.

All three of them tugged at Elizabeth’s soiled clothing and removed it from her supple body, and their guest was eager to have it off. She leaned back on the bed and looked up at her hosts, hoping that they approved of her youthful form.Travis and Constance both admired her soft, smooth skin and the swell of her perky breasts tipped by large pink nubs. When their eyes moved lower her thighs anxiously shifted apart, and Elizabeth readily revealed her innocence. The pink folds were flanked by dark curls of hair, and she visibly trembled.

Travis  gave their guest a reassuring nod and as she watched he stood beside the bed and slipped off his clothing as Constance did the same. Instead of lying between Elizabeth’s quivering thighs he laid alongside her naked body on the right and Constance on her left. Elizabeth nervously smiled as she was filled with conflicting emotions that the potion soothed and buried n the darkest recesses of her uncertain mind.

She turned and looked at Travis , and he kissed her full lips. Her mouth opened in anticipation, and she softly moaned as his tongue pushed inside. The muscles entwined and explored, savoring the sweet taste and warmth of one another. At the same timeTravis slipped his left arm beneath her head, and his right hand lightly caressed her soft shoulders and traced a path to a perky mound.

Constance was not to be denied, and her full attention was centered on the treasure that was nestled between their guest’s supple thighs. She guided the legs open further, and the fingers of both hands teased the moist outer folds and briefly dipped a finger into the narrow slit in a demonstration of teasing that tormented the bewildered girl into a sexual frenzy.

Elizabeth weakly groaned through Travis ‘s passionate kissing and shuddered in pleasure as Constance’s flirting attention coaxed warm essence from her innocent flesh. A fire raged in her belly, stoked by her hostess’ skilled touching. Soft fingertips danced over the outer folds and occasionally dipped into the valley between. Each time Elizabeth arched her back and met the brief thrusts, aching for more. Constance repeatedly drew the wet fingertips into her mouth and feasted on the energy-laced nectar.

WhenTravis was ready, Constance retreated and watched as he settled between Elizabeth’s soft, creamy thighs. His apprentice was jealous of her master’s position for she too hungered for Elizabeth’s energy. Her soft fingers guided his penis between the enlarged petals of her innocent virtue and to the tiny threshold. Their guest lay beneath him, trembling like a leaf before a mighty wind, fearful of being torn from the branch.

The potion spun its magic, preparing her beautiful innocence for sacrifice. Her flesh was ripe with wetness and its oozing goodness was readily absorbed by the large round tip that hesitated at the small doorway into her center. She glanced over at Constance with the same bewildered look in her glassy eyes, uncertain what was happening. The smell of her aroused sex was very evident, even to her own nose.

Constance watched as Elizabeth’s eyes narrowed and face contorted in sharp pain asTravis thrust the tip of his dagger into her virtue. The breath caught in her throat as the round head popped inside. She groaned aloud in protest, unable to resist his entry. When his hips drew back and thrust forward a second time, she cried out as his penis tore through the fragile maidenhead and beyond. Her walls fluttered and tightened around his shaft, reluctantly yielding to his size.

He worked his throbbing manhood deeper and deeper into her taut canal, oozing with wetness that was rapidly absorbed by his flesh. Once fully inside, Elizabeth’s lithe form seemingly came alive. She shamelessly writhed beneath his weight, hips gyrating as she positioned herself for maximum pleasure. Her voice breathlessly groaned into the night as she savored the unique and intense waves of tingling warmth.

After all the teasing foreplay it didn’t take Elizabeth long to achieve her first orgasm of the evening. Her eyes closed and body tensed as her sexual delight peaked. A second later she moaned and wildly thrashed upon the bedding in powerful, uncontrollable spasms of sheer ecstasy. The sudden surge of essence that flowed from her was avidly absorbed by Travis ‘s pulsating penis, and with it the energy of youth.

Although partially drained, the potion assured that the guest would deliver much more. He continued pumping his manhood deeply into her spoiled innocence, through the duration of her orgasm and beyond. Elizabeth panted breathlessly and shuddered, her flesh aching for more as droplets of blood appeared on her outer lips and dripped upon the bedding beneath her writhing flesh. She eagerly accepted all of him into her sore canal, again and again.

Constance remained at the side of the bed and carefully monitored their coupling to ensure her master reaped the full benefits of their beautiful guest’s sacrifice. Their naked bodies were dimly illuminated by the dancing yellowish flames from the nearby hearth, and in the light Constance spied the glistening of nectar that see

seeped from Elizabeth’s center and clung to the pink outer lips and curls of dark hair.

Her mouth watered in anticipation as she carefully reached a hand out. She captured the drops on the tip of her middle finger and sucked it into her mouth. Constance found that their guest was potent indeed, and a wicked grin appeared on her face as she knew thatTravis would gain much.

Anxious to play an active role, Constance worked her head between their thrusting bodies. WhenTravis realized what she was doing, he arose off of Elizabeth’s writhing form and kneeled between their guest’s thighs. He placed his hands beneath her buttocks and lifted her bottom off the bed.

Travis  continued moving his erection deeply into Elizabeth as she writhed and moaned in intense delight, only semi-aware of the events unfolding around her. Now Constance leaned over and eagerly fondled and sucked upon their visitor’s heaving breasts to her obvious pleasure. The additional stimulation had Elizabeth squealing excitedly.

Moments later Elizabeth’s entire body wildly jerked and shuddered, embraced by a second orgasm. Her glistening flesh surged with a brief flood of essence as adrenaline pumped through her veins in a torrent of passion. His penis absorbed much of it, but the little remaining oozed from the tight orifice and coated her pink canyon.

The smell of virgin female wetness was like blood to a shark and it was driving Constance to the brink of insanity. She avidly devoured the tender mounds of flesh before her with fingers and mouth as her master loudly filled the virgin’s flesh with his thirsting sword. Her teeth dragged up and down the full length of one enlarged nipple and then the other as she bathed the pulsating nubs in warm saliva.

She hesitantly reached a hand down and collected a drop of wetness that clung to the outer folds of Elizabeth’s pussy, careful not to interfere with Travis ‘s efforts. Constance inspected the smear of wetness, closed her eyes, and hungrily feasted. It was a mere pittance of her essence and it did little more than to remind Constance of the wondrous flavor that she was missing out on. She hoped some would be left once her master had finished.

“Once more,” Constance whispered to him as she sensed Elizabeth was growing extremely weak from her sacrifice. “Gather what energy remains in a final climax, and she will recover during her coming slumber. Hold out, Travis , for I sense you are close as well.”

Constance was not wrong. He felt the semen rising from his sacs and his penis swelled even larger in anticipation of sexual release. But he also trusted his apprentice, for she knew more of some things than did he.Travis made a conscious effort to stem the rising tide of seed, and whether by willpower or with magic the rising semen stopped its advance. He held out a short while longer, even as his own body tired of the continuous movement required by the task.

A sharp moaning caught in Elizabeth’s throat as a third time she achieved orgasm. It was a most wondrously intense release, and despite great fatigue she writhed and jerked in spasms of delight that consumed all the strength her youthful form had to offer. A smaller discharge of essence was provided by her supple loins, greedily absorbed by his plunging manhood.

Just as her body quieted,Travis allowed the semen to continue its rising advance. He filled her with his full length and grunted in a climax of his own, ejaculating a surge of thick milky semen. He thrust several more times, and with each motion a small bit more of seed was deposited into her belly.

Travis  thought it strange that while he was physically tired from the activity, he was also filled with a youthful energy that reinvigorated him. The sense that he could perform great magic was further enhanced by Elizabeth’s important sacrifice, and when he looked down at his hands bright threads of electricity jumped between his fingers like the webbing of a duck’s feet.

Constance observed the transformation as well, and grinned as never before. He was so close to fulfilling his destiny, which in turn would fuel hers. One final sacrifice was all that remained. The golden-haired woman in her dreams would complete their journey, and Constance would then embark upon hers alone.

WhenTravis moved aside and laid down alongside Elizabeth’s reclined form on her right, Constance eagerly moved between the vacated thighs and observed what remained. There were traces of his milky seed, but also some remaining essence. She leaned down and licked Elizabeth clean, even as their guest drifted off to sleep so drained was she of strength.

* * * * *

Mary encountered a golden-haired young woman similar to her own age in town, near the castle gates. She was a stranger to these parts and appeared to be uncertain as to which direction to take. When Mary approached the stranger smiled warmly. She was not dressed like a poor peasant, but in clothing more fitting of nobility. Mary thought it odd.


“I am Victoria. Who may you be?” Victoria politely introduced herself.

“Mary.” In Mary’s mind she saw another opportunity arise. AlthoughTravis promised her a bit more potion, by betraying another Mary could obtain much more. “Are you in need of any assistance?”

“The castle walls are as a prison, and I wanted to leave them behind and experience the local area since this is where I am to live,” Victoria answered. “My father has promised me to the baron’s son, and in six month’s time this will be my home.”

“I can show you many beautiful things,” Mary promised as she baited the trap. “Come walk with me. The town is small but the roads lead beyond.”

They walked in awkward silence for a short while, neither knowing enough of the other to spark conversation. Finally Mary spoke up, fearful a lack of intercourse might bore her new friend and usher a quick return to the castle.

“Does the Baron have a wizard?” Mary questioned. “I’ve heard rumors to that effect.”

“There is one in the deepest level of the castle, for I have met him,” Victoria eagerly revealed in a whispered voice tinged with forbidden excitement. “He is most notably unattractive but appears to wield considerable power.”

Anxious to establish a quick trust between them, Mary gestured her new friend closer. “I know of a witch and wizard who live in the forest, a short distance from town.”

Victoria chuckled and waved her off in disbelief. “The wizard claims he is alone in this land and none others exist. I do believe that you believe, Mary, but those who told you such tales are either ignorant or purposely misleading.”

Mary showed her the town, and then led her down a rutted path into the forest. They laughed and conversed in such a manner that Victoria lost track of time, and was not aware how far they had wandered from the safety of the castle until the afternoon sun had long since peaked and descended in the western sky.

“Oh Mary, I must return forthwith!” Victoria suddenly exclaimed as realization of their distant location and time of day set in. “I beg of you, please lead me back quickly.”

Mary was too close to allow Victoria to slip the trap at this late hour. From her clothing Mary retrieved her last bottle of potion which was more than half full.

“What is in that vial?” Victoria asked with a puzzled look upon her sweet face as her piercing blue eyes gazed at the mysterious amber liquid. “Is it medicine?”

Mary responded with an inviting smile “It lightens the heart. The taste is not agreeable, but the effect is most welcome. You must try some.”

Although very hesitant, Victoria was anxious to experience the local culture and so she closed her eyes and opened her mouth as directed. Mary poured a generous amount on the tip of her middle finger and gingerly applied it to Victoria’s upper gums, asTravis had done to her. She repeated the process with the lower gums.

Mary could not help but laugh as Victoria made the most horrible face when the taste of the potion struck home. “Not agreeable? The taste is absolutely horrid! The effect must be most amazing to temper that wicked flavor.”

Mary smiled to herself, for she knew precisely what the effect would. After convincing Victoria to stop and sit on a rock for a brief rest before their return to town, the potion took hold. She dripped more liquid from the bottle and applied it to her own gums, eager for a tryst with her new friend that could occur soon.

“Chase me!” Victoria announced as she playfully slapped Mary’s arm and took off running.

Luckily Victoria took off running further away from town and closer to the wizard in the forest. Mary waited a second and took off in pursuit. Several times Victoria looked back over her shoulder, gauging her fragile lead. Without really trying Mary slowly closed the gap that separated them. When Mary trailed by only a few feet Victoria screeched aloud and bolted into a small opening that flanked the road.

Mary reached out and pulled her friend to the ground from behind. They tumbled and rolled, entwined, several feet through the thigh-high grass. When they came to a rest both breathed heavily. Their eyes found one another and met, gazing deeply. Victoria saw sadness in the sparkling pool of green and on impulse Victoria leaned forward and kissed her newfound friend on the lips. She had intended it to be a gesture of appreciation, but as soon as their full lips met it triggered a surge of delight that both welcomed.

Their bodies tightly embraced as they lay prone amidst the cool strands of grass which camouflaged their presence. Warm tongues thrust between lips and anxiously entwined, kissing as experienced lovers as tingling warmth filled their loins with desire. Seconds elapsed into minutes as they savored the warmth of one another and the excitement that their taboo activities generated.

“I feel decidedly strange,” Victoria admitted. “I know that what we do is wrong, but I feel strongly compelled to continue.”

Mary used the brief postponement to loosen the front of Victoria’s expensive clothing, revealing the two creamy orbs tucked safely within. Victoria glanced down as she felt a slight chill upon her chest and giggled at the appearance of her bare breasts and nipples. She looked at them critically, seeing them differently. She decided that the upright mounds were most attractive, and the pink nipples particularly so. Her heart grew heavy as she remembered that her pure body was promised to the Baron’s son, but lightened as she pushed the thought away and enjoyed the potion’s wondrous effect.

“Where do you get such a thing?” Victoria asked as she searched Mary’s clothing for another taste of amber liquid. “I must proclaim that it is wickedly delightful.”

“Lay back and allow me to touch your chest unhindered, and I shall reward you with what you seek,” Mary tempted her friend.

Victoria giggled as she moved from her right side to her back. She looked up at Mary’s lovely face and the bright blue sky high above. Several overhead clouds were slightly tinged with pink as the sun was closer to setting. The urgency to return to the castle was lost as excitement induced by the potion continued to grow.

Mary’s eyes locked onto the two firm breasts that silently beckoned. The pink tips looked as hard as gems and every bit as beautiful. She leaned over Victoria and gently grasped and fondled the silky soft hills as her mouth eagerly licked and sucked upon a single nub that anxiously throbbed against her lips and tongue. Victoria groaned in pleasure as the tingling intensified. Mary caressed and sucked on the bare flesh harder and faster, inspiring Victoria to a higher level of arousal.

The memory of Constance’s vengeful whipping on the tree stump gave Mary reason to pause. Mary’s desire for more of the potion was stronger than Victoria’s supple flesh, even though more lovely than any other she had beheld.

“You promised more,” Victoria reminded when Mary pulled away from the exposed flesh.

They had come too far and Mary fulfilled the promise. After she uncapped the vial Victoria giggled and grasped the vial from her hand. Victoria had been watching earlier and sprinkled several drops upon a finger and then rubbed it on her upper gums. At first Mary was fearful her friend would consume it all, but gratefully used no more than Mary would have otherwise dispensed.

“Follow me a bit further down this road,” Mary instructed. “There is something you must see firsthand.”

Victoria’s curiosity was piqued and she scrambled to her feet. Her breasts remained bared and jiggled temptingly, but only Mary was there to notice. They both rushed down the road, each nearly tripping as the leading edge of a foot caught on a tree root or dried chunk of earth displaced by the wheels of a wagon or hooves of a horse. They stopped, breathless, when Mary recognized the silhouette of Travis ‘s abode in the distance.

“Who is this?” a female voice surprised them as it sounded quite unexpectedly from behind. “What have you brought us, Mary?”

Mary turned and saw Constance.

“She’s the witch I spoke of,” Mary announced to her friend.

Victoria cringed, expecting to lay her eyes upon an ugly and wicked form. When she saw a beautiful young gold-haired woman much like herself Victoria grabbed her belly and laughed aloud. Mary’s face reddened in embarrassment.

“Oh yes, a most wicked witch she is,” Victoria teased. “Will she transform me into an animal of some kind?”

“She’s had a nip of potion I see,” Constance determined. “Has Mary had her mouth upon your naked breasts? She hungers for such things. I have implored her to refrain.”

“She has, but I must admit it was most agreeable,” Victoria defended their tryst in the tall grass. “Why do you sell yourself as a witch?”

“Such words have never passed my lips,” Constance honestly replied. “If it has been said, Mary has said it and not I. Come, dinner is ready and you both shall join us.”

Victoria was tempted. They had been walking a great deal and several hours had passed since her last meal. She glanced over at Mary, who nodded approvingly. And so the three of them walked to the abode whereinTravis practiced his magic with newfound enthusiasm.

“Travis , Mary has returned with her new friend Victoria,” Constance reported in a voice laced with excitement.

“Yes, fine,” he responded in irritation. “I have created something new, a much more potent version of the amber potion.”

“Why do you waste your energy on such things?” she asked.

Travis  pulled Constance aside, away from their guests. His face looked harsh and serious, the deep creases in his thick skin more pronounced than ever before. She grew concerned.

“I had waking visions this morning, and I now know what to do,” he confessed. “My time is very near. All I do now is for you, my dearest.”

Constance was on the verge of tears for she had grown to love him with all her heart. She turned without speaking and addressed Mary. “Take your friend to the river and bathe, and upon your return a delicious meal with be provided.”

Mary pointed to her gums in a silent request. Constance impatiently gestured for them to get going. “You arrived under its spell. Later, perhaps.”

Mary looked beyond Constance, to whereTravis labored. She observed a supply of vials filled with the amber potion, but this batch appeared far richer and thicker. A new ingredient appeared to be suspended in the fluid, and it magically shimmered. She licked her lips in anticipation, and hurried Victoria from the home.

“The sun’s warming rays have grown weak, and the river water will be cold,” Victoria protested their assigned task. “To think of a noble woman being treated in such a despicable manner!”

Mary pulled the vial from her clothing and dangled it temptingly. A smile appeared on Victoria’s face as she craved another dose of potion. She lunged for the bottle, but Mary quickly pulled it just out of reach. Mary turned and ran to the river, laughing aloud. Victoria bolted and followed, lured by the promise of the amber liquid that she had already become addicted to.

They stopped at the river’s edge and looked down into the clear, swirling water. Mary uncapped the vial and spread the potion upon her own guns, and then those of her friend. It quickly took hold and gave them courage for the task ahead. Mary was first out of her clothing. When Victoria hesitated, Mary helped her nervous companion undress.

The beauty of the golden-haired woman was wasn’t overlooked. The jiggling breasts were again bared, and the chill air had swelled and hardened the pink tips. When Mary looked down, she found a thin golden bush and a hint of the pink lips nestled within. Victoria felt eyes upon her flesh and gave her friend a suspicious look. Mary grabbed Victoria around the shoulders and propelled them both into the cool water.

When they surfaced Mary was laughing exuberantly while Victoria was groaning in discomfort from the unexpected submerging. Both of them dripped with water.

“Wash up all over,” Mary instructed. “We must smell like roses or be denied a meal.”

A shocked Victoria looked at Mary with a distasteful frown and refused to cooperate. However, as the potion seeped into her system and its effect returned, her eyes gazed at Mary’s naked body with a sense of longing and desire. Mary noticed as Victoria’s eyes turned glassy and a playful smile appeared on her upturned lips.

Victoria lunged at her friend and they both disappeared beneath the water. When they resurfaced their mouths were locked in passionate kissing and their soft hands fully encompassed one another’s creamy mounds. As the water swirled around them their lips and tongues devoured one another, and fingers excitedly fondled the breasts of the other. The feverish embrace triggered a fire in their loins that spread throughout, and chased the chill from their naked flesh.

When Mary reached a hand down and pressed it against the fur-covered mound below Victoria’s belly, the thighs hesitantly parted. The noble woman moaned in shameless delight as the hand pressed between her thighs, fingertips tenderly rubbing upon her moist pink folds. Victoria had never been touched in such a manner by anyone other than herself, and the intense waves of tingling warmth that resulted were amazing.

When a finger pressed between the outer folds and into the narrow canyon her legs immediately grew weak and her entire form twitched and shuddered. Victoria knew it was wrong but the wicked potion made her body aroused and demanding. The physical attention was most welcome, and the voice in her head became softer and less insistent as the pounding of her heart intensified. A noble woman never dared think of doing such a thing, and the knowledge that this was strictly forbidden only fueled the excitement.

“We should go back soon or Constance will be angry with me,” Mary whispered as she briefly interrupted the kissing.

“No, touch me longer, it feels so wonderful,” Victoria insisted, and she was accustomed to being accommodated.

Their mouths reunited in hard, deep kissing as hot tongues entwined and dueled. Victoria had become very aggressive and it was her tongue that pushed to the back of Mary’s mouth and swirled all around, fully exploring the furthest recesses. Victoria pulled her hands away from the breasts and cradled Mary’s soft face, holding it in position as Victoria’s mouth kissed harder still. It was the most intense that Mary had ever received, and stole the breath from her lungs.

All the while Mary’s probing fingers continued their touching of a breast and the moist pink folds of Victoria’s virtue. When a finger caressed the swollen, hooded nub, it created a powerful shuddering and even louder moaning. Wetness continued to seep from Victoria’s belly and it smeared on Mary’s fingers. Victoria shifted her hips and guided her nub to Mary’s finger, enjoying the intense sensations that nearly overwhelmed the noble woman with pleasure.

“Constance requests your return,” Elizabeth announced from the bank.

“Join us!” Victoria excitedly suggested as her eyes gazed upon the slender form of the stranger in a manner which was completely unnatural for her.

“You’ve found a most willing gift for Travis ,” Elizabeth commented to Mary in a disgusted voice that disguised her jealousy.

“What’s this gift she speaks of?” Victoria asked of Mary.

“Let’s return for our promised reward of a hot meal,” Mary said as she reluctantly extricated herself from Victoria’s tight hold and a dangerous question.

* * * * *

They returned to the abode and received a most sumptuous meal that consisted of rabbit and wild vegetables. Initially Victoria was reluctant, for a noble woman was accustomed to different foods, but once her teeth sank into what was offered she enjoyed the meal. What she could not know was that Constance laced it with herbs that would later prove useful.

Throughout the meal Mary continued to look at the tempting vials across the room. She was promised some, and eagerly awaited an opportunity to taste the new batch.

The potion still raced through Victoria’s veins, and left her with an insatiable appetite that she did not understand nor could ignore. Her left hand moved beneath the table to Constance, to whom she beheld a particular attraction. The woman was similar in age and appearance, for they both had golden hair.

Constance glanced over in surprise, for none of the other women had reacted in this way. But Victoria was different in many ways. When Constance felt a hand on her left knee her legs parted and the hand slipped between them. The fingers found a path through her clothing and excitedly touched upon her bare center. Never before had the fingers of a guest touched her flesh so willingly, but now that one did Constance shuddered in delight.

The affection shared by the two did not go unnoticed by Travis , who sat across from them. Seeing that Mary still eyed the new potionTravis left the table and retrieved a vial. Her eyes followed him closely, and when he glanced towards Mary her faced beamed with joy. The vial was uncapped and the thick, shimmering syrup dripped onto a finger. Her mouth eagerly opened and he rubbed it on her gums.

Seeing this, Elizabeth looked at him hopefully. He stepped to her and repeated the process. Their faces grimaced from the foul flavor that both knew to expect, but anticipated what would soon follow. He sat beside Victoria, whose eyes were riveted to the vial. His finger rubbed a generous amount on both her upper and lower gums, to prepare her for the sacrifice that would fulfill their destiny.

The women quickly discovered that in addition to the new potion having grown thicker, it also took hold more quickly and powerfully. Constance stood up from the table, reached down for Victoria’s hand, and led her to the bed. Mary and Elizabeth found a spot on the floor and embraced passionately.

Victoria was a rare find, for she was far more sensual than any of the others. She quickly slipped out of her clothing and laid upon the bed, encouraging Constance to do likewise. They curled up with one another asTravis watched from a distance. He knew that Constance would need strength for what was to come, and allowed her to feed without interruption.

Constance kissed their noble guest, and their mouths opened and tongues eagerly entwined. Hands were placed on breasts, and the supple mounds were avidly fondled and explored. When the nipples grew large they were gently pinched and twisted, further heightening the excitement. Within a few minutes the air smelled of sex as the four female bodies warmed and moistened in anticipation. Merely the smell awakened Travis ‘s manhood, and it stirred and shifted restlessly beneath his garments.

After pawing at one another’s bare breasts, their hands descended. Thighs anxiously shifted apart and revealed the golden patches of shimmering curls of hair between. Fingers touched, rubbed, and probed the glistening pink flesh tucked within the soft curls. Soft moaning grew louder as fingertips dipped between the lips and into the narrow canyons, fingering the swollen nubs that were the center of their pleasure. The smell of sex intensified as growing wetness oozed from within their aroused forms, and fingers noisily rubbed at one another.

Constance gently folded the fingers of Victoria’s right hand down, leaving the longest middle finger extended. This she moved to the opening of her small orifice and tenderly pushed the tip of the finger inside. As Constance whispered words of encouragement Victoria hesitantly pushed the finger deeper until it was fully inside. The walls of the canal tightly embraced the invading appendage, and Constance groaned aloud as Victoria worked the finger in and out.

When the canal loosened slightly, a second finger joined the first. The muscle initially resisted and it was very tight, but Victoria patiently pushed harder until the tip of the second finger penetrated through the opening and into the hole. Constance was beside herself in delight, for her twitching body and breathless moaning indicated such.


Although it was Constance that needed to feed on Victoria, the opposite seemed to be taking place as their aggressive guest exerted her own desire on Constance. Victoria’s mouth moved to a breast and hungrily licked and sucked upon the creamy mound and particularly the nipple as the two fingers pumped in and out of Constance’s snug canal.Travis could tell by his apprentice’s wildly thrashing form and the intensified frequency of her groaning that she was on the verge of sexual release.

Moments later her form momentarily tensed. A second later her nude body jerked and shuddered in ecstasy. Victoria’s mouth remained attached to a nipple and maintained constant stimulation on it throughout the course of Constance’s release. Her two fingers thrust faster and noisier still as a surge of warm essence was released upon the pink folds and dripped to the bedding beneath.

Once the brief exhausting chaos of pleasure and release dissipated Constance gently pushed Victoria away.Travis smiled for he knew that his apprentice would be feasting next. Victoria settled down on the bed on her back, and her smooth thighs were far apart and anxiously revealed her similar curls of golden hair. Constance briefly kissed Victoria’s lips and then settled down at the foot of the bed with her head poised between the parted legs.

Travis  observed with casual interest as his beautiful and skilled apprentice tenderly pushed the pink outer folds apart and revealed the canyon of virtuous flesh hidden within. Her green eyes sparkled and her lips formed into a wicked grin that her victim could not see. He would not have been surprised if a witch’s cackle sounded, for her appearance at that moment would have matched such a laugh.

With tongue extended, Constance leaned forward and affixed her mouth to Victoria’s gorgeous pink flesh. The young noble woman grasped the bedding and formed tight fists around it as her lithe form tensed in delight. The breath caught in her throat for a moment, but then she groaned aloud in amazement as intense waves of tingling warmth rippled through her entire body. Victoria’s back arched as her face contorted into strange faces. She pressed her virtue harder upon Constance’s lips and tongue, so eager was she for the sensations they generated.

Constance drank the oozing essence, and felt as her fatigued body was rapidly renewed with energy. Her lips rubbed against the swollen clit as her tongue pressed at the tight doorway of her canal, eagerly drawing as much from her as possible. Victoria formed her soft body around the wondrous mouth that assaulted her, hands cradling Constance’s head as she rolled up into a tight fetal position.

It was if nothing else existed but the powerful waves of pleasure and the incredible mouth that initiated it. More and more wetness seeped, and Constance fed as never before. Victoria was all that the visions promised, and more. Minutes elapsed before her climax, and in that time her virtue delivered rejuvenating wetness that filled Constance with such power that she had never before imagined.

And when their noble guest did climax, after her form tensed into a rigid ball and wildly writhed and jerked upon the bedding, her virtue gushed forth a flood of hot essence. Constance hungrily devoured the offering of innocence and filled her belly with all that was provided. Afterwards, in the wake of orgasm, Constance reluctantly withdrew from the fountain of youth and motioned forTravis to take his turn with the virgin.

Victoria looked over atTravis from her laying position on the bed. Her eyes were glassy and appeared bewildered, but her body possessed a need for sex unlike any other he’d ever encountered. He watched her as he slowly disrobed, curious how she was going to react. It was most surprising.

Victoria rolled from her back onto her belly, and then arose on her knees and elbows. Her captivating green eyes absolutely smoldered, and once the garments were removed and Travis ‘s erect sword was visible the virgin anxiously licked her full pink lips. Her eyes were riveted to his manhood and appeared to want it more than life itself.

As he stepped over to the edge of the bed Victoria emitted needy moaning like a cat in heat, and her unskilled mouth dropped down and devoured as much of him as she could. The warm lips and tongue engulfed the head and a portion of the shaft, and what she lacked in experience she more than compensated for with raw passion.

Travis  allowed her a taste of his penis, but little more. Too much remained to be done. He needed to drain the energy from her lithe, innocent form before evening’s end. And then there were the final preparations to attend to.

He gently but firmly pressed upon her shoulders. Victoria seemed most reluctant to comply but she relented and lay back on the bed with her thighs shamelessly wide apart. The potion had released the strong sexual desire that she’d always harbored but had not yet discovered. In her impatience a hand reached down between the thighs and she fingered her own virtue, so eager was she to feel the tingling pleasure again. Wetness still flowed, and dripped from the soft pink folds and clung to the curls of golden hair that flanked her center.

Travis  straddled her body with his and he hovered above her on knees and elbows. Victoria looked up at him, her eyes pleading for his manhood. Her hands desperately reached for his hardened penis, feeling as it throbbed against her fingers. She guided him into position, pulling the wet pink petals of her virtue apart and leading the swollen round tip to the opening. She truly wanted him as no other.

He slowly pushed his penis at the tight opening, and it stretched and finally opened enough to allow the head of his penis to slightly pop inside. They both knew what was to follow, and Victoria braced herself for the necessary jolt of stinging pain.Travis thrust forward and tore through the fragile wall of her maidenhead as she winced and gasped from the sudden sharp jolt that announced her sacrifice.

Her virtue was already soaked with wetness and his penis absorbed it as a sponge. He thrust several more times and although her body resisted her canal finally yielded and he slowly penetrated deeper inside. It was as if her center knew thatTravis lacked nobility and rightfully defended what should not have been taken. But his persistent penetrations worked his manhood deeper still, and finally her innocence was fully exploited.

Victoria moaned in pleasure and groaned in pain all at once. Her sore canal finally accepted the penis fully inside, and coated the walls with lubricating wetness that was quickly absorbed by the sword that fully entered time and again. With eyes closed Victoria writhed and shuddered in miserable wonder, as pleasure and pain battled for dominance. In the end both emotions became as one and the noble woman was elevated to sexual heights never before imagined.

Travis  filled and refilled her canal with his pulsating penis. She breathlessly moaned as his stimulation triggered a powerful orgasm. She clutched him tightly with her arms as her hips thrust against his groin, pushing him in as deeply as humanly possible. With him burrowed completely inside she momentarily tensed and then twitched and writhed in sheer ecstasy beneath his weight. Her thighs and canal tightly formed around his hips and member, and a fresh flow of essence spilled forth. Travis ‘s penis eagerly absorbed all that was given.

He felt his semen as it began to rise, yet he knew it could not end so quickly. He ceased his motion and placed his body on hers and kissed those sweet pink lips. Their tongues entwined and they shared kissing and fondling as he waited for his impending climax to ease and retreat. His hands found her silky soft breasts and hard nipples, and caressed them lovingly. Only after the threat of orgasm passed did he rise up on his elbows and begin thrusting into her again.

Victoria was more than ready for their union to continue for she knew that he had not yet ejaculated. Her legs folded at the knees and stretched far and wide.Travis felt his member reaching even deeper than before. As he moved inside of her canal his head leaned down and his lips found a nipple. He eagerly licked and sucked on the throbbing nub, and occasionally bit down hard. She groaned in pleasure as he moved so deeply within her, and Victoria quickly found herself on the verge of a second climax.

Her arms and legs tightened around his body as she quivered excitedly. When he was fully inside she quaked in powerful spasms. The sudden twitching movements rapidly coaxed the seed from his balls and without warningTravis climaxed as well. As their jerking bodies tightly embraced his round tip ejaculated his milky semen into her womb. He was rewarded with a flood of essence that was greedily accepted.

But the erotic embrace offered even more. As their climaxing bodies passionately coupled, with him fully in her center, all of her strength was magically stolen and transferred to him. It was a bizarre transformation that filledTravis with all the strength and vigor that was required to complete his destiny.

Afterwards Victoria’s breathless panting quieted as she slipped into an unconscious state to recover all that was lost.Travis looked upon her glorious body and kissed her forehead with an appreciative smile on his lips.

“Know that your sacrifice will unite a fragmented kingdom,”Travis whispered, for he had seen the visions. “You were the key that has just unlocked a new destiny for this land.”


Retribution was fierce and swift. In the end Mary was Travis ‘s Judas, but it did not matter. It was his destiny. They found him in the field, searching for his precious roots. Grief and anger overtook Lord Atkin’s son, the intended betrothed of Victoria. Her stolen virtue fueled a hatred that could not be quelled.

He bore a large and vicious war axe.Travis ran, as any unarmed man would do when faced with such a sight. But with a mighty swing the axe struck him in the back, lifted him off the ground, and when his body struck the trunk of a tree the blade of the axe passed through his heart and lodged into the tree trunk.

He twitched several times as life, and blood, drained from his body. Nobody seemed to notice the odd details of the leafless, branchless tree. None observed that it had veins of silver and gold, so intense was their need for vengeance.

“What of the woman?” an accompanying soldier asked.

“Into the dungeon,” Lord Atkindictated. “She has had a hand in this. Let her bear the misery of what awaits.”

* * * * *

For twelve moons Constance suffered in the dark, dank dungeon. She was enjoyed by several guards, who took what they wanted and deposited their seed in a shell that would not bear their children. That was not the only abuse, for beatings were common when the guards had a taste for it. It was worse at first, but after two moons they tired and left her to rot alone. Food was scarce, and in the absence of essence her strength diminished. She was at death’s door.

Her green eyes opened and she looked at the heavy timber door. A face appeared in the small opening, one that she did not recognize.

Are my waking visions true?” the stranger asked. “Do you hold the power to unite this shattered land?”

“I alone know the way,” Constance whispered in a weak and raspy voice. “And with my death all shall be lost.”


The following days passed quickly. Constance ate and slept and evacuated what her body could not tolerate. Time was a blur. The sun rose and set, and the moon did likewise. And when finally the moon shined in its entirety for the thirteenth time since her imprisonment, she awakened.

“You have returned from the precipice of death,” the stranger announced. “This pleases me.”

“Who are you?” Constance asked.

“Felzar,” he responded. “I am Lord Atkin’s wizard.”

“And what does a Lord’s wizard do?” she inquired, genuinely curious.

He shrugged his shoulders in uncertainty. “I advise in matters of conflict, although I personally detest such bloodshed. But as it is so often unavoidable I use my magic to develop weapons of fire to ensure battlefield success.”

After responding he walked across the chamber and sat closer to her. He found her most appealing, in contrast to the state he had found her in. The golden hair was once again radiant, as were her inquisitive green eyes.

“What of you?” he inquired. “Why were you left to rot in the dungeon, and why do I have these waking visions?”

“Surely you heard of Victoria,” Constance replied. “Travis , my master, stole the innocence of her and others to gather strength for a great transformation.”

“I have visions of a strange tree, and of you tending to its welfare,” Felzar shared. “What is this transformation of which you speak?”

“Travis  was killed upon the tree, and it retains his power,” she patiently explained. “It can be harnessed.”


“I have seen the design in a vision. Bring the tree to me, and craftsmen, and I shall see to its completion,” she urged.

Felzar knew she spoke the truth, for the visions confirmed it. His hesitation was borne out of concern of Lord Atkin’s reaction to such an endeavor. Could he convince him of the importance?

* * * * *

The tree was cut into timbers, and a small group of craftsmen formed them into a triangular base. An odd-looking seat was mounted at one end, with an opening at its center. Ominously rising from the other two ends of the base were vertical supports to which chains and shackles were mounted.

The heart of the fearful device rested beneath the seat. There were ankle shackles, but attention was mostly drawn to a wheel and a rod. It appeared that as the wheel turned the rod would raise and lower and the round tip of it penetrated through the bottom of the seat.

A closer inspection revealed that the top of the rod had an uncanny resemblance to an aroused man. There was amazing detail, for Constance had shaped it herself based upon her recollections of her physically deceased master.

“That is a devilish device!” Lord Atkinexclaimed in disgust. “How could a human mind ever envision such a thing?”

“It wields great power,” Felzar promised. “Victory on the field of battle will be ours. You shall at last see your dreams of a kingdom united realized.”

“But at what cost? This…thing. What does it do? Tell me that, at least,” Lord Atkinasked of the wizard.

Felzar glanced over at Constance, who cleared her throat and answered. “It feeds on the energy of virtuous women. Their purity is sacrificed through this device that you find so offensive, and in return it evokes undeniable power that will ensure your land and army prospers.”

Lord Atkinscoffed at the idea in disbelief.

Flezar spoke quickly. “Good sir, you have often sought my counsel for advice on matters such as these. I have now found an answer. Is the future of the kingdom so unimportant that a trial will not even be attempted, regardless of its distasteful appearance?”

“And how am I to provide you a virgin without ransacking the very homes of those that depend upon me for protection and leadership?” he questioned, making it clear he had no such intention.

“Answer me this and I will reconsider.”

After Lord Atkinleft the chamber Constance reassured her new master. “Fear not, for tomorrow circumstances will bring us a most fitting sacrifice. The visions have not wronged me yet.”

* * * * *

Two guards entered the castle hall, dragging a haggard man between them. Their footsteps echoed loudly, drawing the attention of the Lord who was eating from a plate of fruit. He sipped wine from a wooden mug then looked at his visitors, annoyed at the interruption.

“A malcontent, Lord,” the ranking guard announced as they tossed the man at the Lord Atkin’s feet. “He makes a mockery of your power.”

“And how does he do this?” the Lord questioned, suspicious of unnecessary cruelty by some of his own trusted men.

“His drunken words assault you sire, and he has attacked and injured one of our own,” the guard responded. “‘It’s not the first time either. He has done so on three previous occasions. I beg of you, place the axe upon his neck.”

He cupped his chin in his right hand and gave the predicament considerable thought. The peasants were displeased with recent acts of cruelty which he himself had equally disapproved of. Since his own men committed them, it was as if he had done it with his own hands. The axe was an easy answer to many problems, but as the axe falls so with it your followers. It was not the answer for this man’s transgressions. For though the man may speak atrocities when visiting the bottle, he speaks only what so many peasants think yet are too frightened to say. Yet again, such words spark rebellion, and he could not be too merciful.

“What property does he possess?” the Lord inquired.

“A wilted shack only, sire,” the guard replied. “And two mouths.”

“What form do these mouths take?” he questioned.

“Two daughters; the eldest is of marrying age.”

The Lord took the answer into consideration. The peasants would not take kindly to the axe or any other cruelty. Yet the man begged for punishment. Perhaps something contained within the castle walls, a worthy punishment the man alone would know of yet would not be witnessed by the masses. The people would not stomach it. Constance’s words were on the periphery of his mind, and with this he saw an opportunity to solve both problems.

“Very well, bring me his first-born daughter,” Lord Atkincommanded. “To the dungeon with him, and with his eldest daughter at his side. For two days he shall hear her misery. At the stroke of midnight upon the second day I shall sacrifice her virtue through sinister means and hear her cries of pain. If this does not stop his evil ways I shall do the same to his second-born no matter her age.”

The Lord signaled for Constance, who quickly arrived and bowed with respect. “‘It’s not the fault of the daughter for the crimes of her father, yet it is she who must bear the pain of his punishment. Do as you must with her, but I command you to make it as bearable as possible for the innocent woman.”

* * * * *

The dungeon was cold, without the comfort of tapestries to quell the draft. The man hung from the wall, his hands and feet shackled. True to the Lord’s word his first-born daughter Amanda was shackled beside him, both standing in the dank darkness. The light of a single torch danced over their bodies. He was silent with shame, and she bore her pain without speaking words against him.

Constance emerged from the shadows unseen, as if an apparition. In her left hand she clutched a small glass vile that was filled with thick, yellowish syrup that sparkled. Amanda appeared startled as Constance stepped up to her, a smile upon her face. The fingers of her right hand tenderly shifted a few strands of hair from her eyes, and for a few moments she admired the captivating young beauty.

“The Lord is sympathetic, and demanded that I provide as much assistance as possible,” Constance whispered to the confused woman. “The guards are vicious and uncaring. I beg you to give them no reason to add to your misery, for they shall do so with delight.”

Constance uncapped the vial and poured a thick drop onto the tip of her middle finger. Amanda watched in silence as the strange woman then pushed her lips apart and rubbed the tip of her middle finger along the upper gum line. Amanda grimaced from the foul taste, but within a few moments the pain in her arms retreated. The chill in her bones was chased away by pleasant warmth that emanated from within her loins.

“My father,” Amanda suddenly said, asking for his relief as well.

“Your father must suffer for his crimes. It’s a shame that you must be at his side, but it is your innocence that brings me. This shall keep you strong, and has other effects as well, as you shall see. Do not fight it. I will return when it wears off.”

Constance heard the approaching footsteps before anyone else could. With a caring smile upon her face she hastily retreated back into the shadows from which she emerged.

* * * * *

A guard approached and stepped up to Amanda. He held up his torch and admired her long flowing brown hair and sweet face, for the young woman was strikingly beautiful. When the prisoner turned her head he held her chin and moved it as he fancied, gazing at her unblemished skin and into her deep blue eyes. Her lips were as red as wine, and even more tempting. Amanda wore a look of defiance yet the guard paid it no mind. After examining her adorable face he placed the torch in a holder beside the prisoner. His large hands grasped the front of her dress.

“You can thank your father for this,” the guard whispered to her. “He’s why you’re here, and while you’re here you’re mine.”

Amanda shrieked and her body tensed as she felt the front of the simple peasant dress being torn away from her chest. The guard ripped a gaping hole large enough to expose her firm breasts. He gazed at her by the yellowish light of the torch, her chest heaving as she breathed heavily with fear. Her breasts were indeed magnificent, more lovely than most. As lust filled his eyes he reached his hands up and cupped both of her warm swells. A devilish grin appeared on his face as his hands felt the soft and wondrous warmth of her silky flesh. As his palms pressed against her firm mounds his fingers kneaded the supple flesh, feeling her hardened nipples throbbing against his fingers.

“Pig!” her father shouted.

“Say it again and she shall feel the whip a dozen times!’ the guard warned.” I would need only a simple excuse to see her flesh opened up. Please me, repeat your curses!”

The guard stared at the father, awaiting the words, yet the father wisely silenced his opposing voice.

“And you,” the guard said, staring into Amanda’s eyes, “Should your flesh not please me, it is your father whom I will whip, twice the dozen I would have given you.”

It had been a short while since the strange woman’s visit, and the full effect of the vile syrup had taken hold. All pain had been relieved and her body was fully relaxed. Amanda’s mind was fogged over and her vision was strangely irregular as the warmth in her loins slowly increased. She wanted to speak words of comfort to her father but couldn’t find her voice as her body seemingly floated above the misery and terror.

He pressed his mouth against hers, and although she wanted to resist she submitted. His tongue pushed between her lips and deeply inside her warm mouth. The kiss was new to her and she fearfully kept her mouth against his as she felt his tongue moving inside, exploring every area and thrusting towards the back of her throat until she wanted to gag.

Despite its strangeness the kiss awakened her inner body, and combined with the hands upon her breasts Amanda experienced tingling warmth within her chilled bones. The rough hands fondled her luscious mounds with certain gentleness, yet his fingers pinched on her hardened pink nipples so as to cause a hint of pain.

Although being shackled she had no recourse, Amanda wondered if she would not have otherwise willingly remained in place. She savored the wonderful new excitement that rippled throughout her lithe form. Her body twitched and shuddered as a hint of wetness appeared in the valley of flesh between her quivering thighs.

“The woman inside comes forth,” the guard whispered with a chuckle, noting her arousal. “Let me confirm my suspicions.”

The guard grabbed her mutilated dress and tore it further open. A gaping hole now revealed her smooth belly and crotch as well. A hand reached inside the ruined garment and caressed her lower belly, and then descended down until he felt the soft curls of her pubic hair against his fingertips.

Amanda closed her eyes and clenched her hands into fists, softly groaning as she felt fingers on her pubic mound. Her body quivered against the cold stone wall and she felt a smoldering fire deep in her loins as the probing fingers touched the moist outer folds of her virtue. They pushed between the folds and into the warm, narrow canyon of her womanhood.

She cried aloud and her voice echoed in the dark chamber of horror. His fingers eagerly explored the warm slit and teasingly rubbed on the swollen, hooded nub that he knew was the key to a woman’s pleasure. Warm essence oozed forth from her awakened body and coated his curious fingers with its slippery warmth. She stared at him with hatred in her eyes and watched as the mocking grin on his face widened, knowing that touching her in such a manner aroused the woman inside.

His fingers flicked over the nub, and when he did an intense jolt of excitement took hold. Amanda softly groaned as her hands pulled against the iron shackles in vain, her hips writhing against the probing fingers. She didn’t understand what was happening and was a victim of her own flesh as her warm juices flowed. Her most private region was fully explored by the malicious guard’s fingers. It was shameful and she couldn’t comprehend why she enjoyed the touch of the detestable man, but the peals of pleasure were undeniable.

As the fingers rubbed against her tender canyon of moist pink flesh, the man pressed his mouth to a breast not unlike an infant. But his mouth licked and suckled not only the hardened nipple but all over her creamy skin. His saliva coated her supple mound. Amanda discovered the initial disgust replaced by unusual delight, and even the occasional bite and resulting pain added to her pleasure.

As if an invisible hand was upon her back she thrust her chest forward, pressing her breast harder upon his mouth. He suckled her savagely and jolts of pain coursed through her, yet the warmth within Amanda’s loins increased. Her heart pounded harder than ever and her breath quickened and strained, as if running up a high hill at full speed. As his mouth feasted on one nipple he grasped the other between thumb and index finger. He bit and pinched on them both, and stinging pain assaulted her.

Amanda felt terrible guilt as she saw the look of pain upon her father’s face. She wanted to tell him it was bearable, that although the look of pain was evident she felt nothing of the sort, but knew such words would be frowned upon by her keeper and fall upon deaf ears as well. Instead she concentrated on the overwhelming excitement which ignited a fire of desire. She felt her own wetness as his fingers smeared it over her aroused flesh. His touch awakened her to pleasures she never before knew of, to feelings which both confused and pleased her.

“The Lord sends me,” a defiant female voice sounded, echoing within the solid walls of the small dungeon. “He has sent me for Amanda, the woman you are presently tormenting for your own repulsive pleasure.”

The guard was annoyed at the interruption, thinking he was going to complete his pleasure with the beautiful virgin. He looked sternly at Constance, noting the look of disgust drawn upon her contorted face. She held in her hand a pail of soapy water and towels.

“‘It’s good you brought that,” the guard responded with a mischievous smile, looking at the pail. “For it seems that the prisoner is more a woman at the moment. She’s not the first I have affected that way, I might add.”

“For a coin the whores have you believing that you’re a man,” Constance shot back, her words shredding his pride. “No wonder they’re rich and you’re thinking that you’re a gift to the ladies!”

“Do you miss me?” he asked the woman who at one time had been his prisoner, and no restrictions had been imposed then. “I’ve been in you many times. Do you hunger for me again? I have another dose of seed to plant in your golden field.”

“Your seed sows weeds of wickedness that choke the life from food-bearing crops,” she fired back. “If you try to plant it in my golden field I shall rip it from the body.”

The guard was not as quick-witted, and he angrily stormed off. Constance’s laughs resounded through the dungeon as she kneeled before Amanda and withdrew a soapy rag from the pail.

“I am a shameful wretch!’ Amanda exclaimed after the guard was gone. “The way he touched me was evil, yet I am ashamed to say that my body responded in a most willing manner for which I cannot account.”

“He’s an evil bugger!” her father responded, tears marking his face. “I shall kill him with my bare hands at the whore-shack he calls home.”

“You do as you like, father, and I’ll have my sister beside me as well,” Amanda replied in a hateful voice. “Surely you don’t want to witness that, do you? If I had the means I’d take her and we’d leave to spare us such a wicked punishment again, for as long as you think like that we are all doomed to the dungeon.”

Constance muttered a few words under her breath and waved a hand in his direction. He squinted as tears moistened his suddenly irritated eyes and blurred his vision. His boisterous voice was simultaneously quieted.

Silence prevailed, and only the sounds of the rag in water could be heard. Amanda’s words had not been lost on Constance, and she wondered how old the sister was. As Constance gently hand-washed Amanda’s smooth flesh she frowned at the gaping hole in her clothing that revealed practically her entire body. She lovingly washed the saliva and fingerprints from her heaving breasts, rubbing on the nipples which were swollen from the coldness that seeped through the stone walls. The soapy cloth descended over her smooth stomach. Sudsy water dripped down between her legs and clung to the curls of pubic hair.


Constance slipped her fingers between Amanda’s thighs and touched her womanly pink flesh, her fingers feeling the warm wetness. The woman tensed and she looked down at Constance suspiciously. Although the stranger appeared as a woman, her touch was like that of the guard, lustful and arousing. Amanda trembled as tingling filled her body, and again her womanhood flowed with fresh wetness. For several moments Constance fingered her velvety smooth flesh, creating jolts of excitement within her confused body.

Without warning the probing fingers were replaced by her hot mouth and darting tongue. Constance gently pushed the petals of her womanhood apart and revealed the glistening pink valley nestled within. The sweet taste of Amanda’s thick nectar filled Constance’s mouth as it smeared over her lips and chin. The flicking tongue eagerly devoured Amanda’s virgin flesh and feasted upon the bountiful cream it provided.

Amanda tensed in shock as she realized what the strange woman was doing. But as surprised and disgusted as she was there was no denying the wondrous tingling pleasure that rippled through her aroused body. Amanda softly groaned, overwhelmed by the intimate kissing, feeling the thick warm honey as it dripped from her womanhood and smeared over her inner thighs. Her breathing and heartbeat quickened as the delightful effects rapidly intensified. Her muscles tensed and she pulled against the iron shackles. Her hips anxiously rubbed herself against the wonderfully hot mouth.

Constance lapped and sucked upon the velvet-soft flesh, flicking her tongue over the swollen nub of Amanda’s womanhood. Warm honey continued flowing. Constance drank the offered wetness and savored the rare taste of the potent woman. Within a few minutes she sensed that the prisoner was on the verge of climax, and in anticipation of that grand event Constance doubled the efforts of her wildly darting tongue-tip. She was rewarded moments later as the reluctant prisoner erupted in a spectacular flood of precious energy-bearing nectar.

Amanda bit on her bottom lip and tried to silence her sudden outburst of joyous groaning. Her revived body shuddered and jerked in a most wondrous delight that curled her toes, hardened her nipples, and filled her with an intense release she’d never before known. Her mind concentrated on the waves of delight, having long forgotten the perverse source of her newfound pleasure.

Constance heartily lapped and swallowed the thick warm honey, feeling her powers energized by the surprising find. She sucked and licked upon the warm, juicy valley walls and filled her belly with the released wetness until the last significant fragments had been drawn between her hungry lips. She was sorely tempted to bring the prisoner to a second orgasm and feast again, but recognized the risk even this one act created. Constance reluctantly pulled her head from between the prisoner’s quivering thighs.

Amanda felt the delightful warmth of the soapy rag as it returned to her womanhood. Constance lovingly washed away all traces of the climax that clung to her soft curls of pubic hair and inner thighs. The rag returned to the pail twice more and after another few minutes the task was complete.

Constance stood up and started to leave, then leaned forward and pressed her lips to Amanda’s ear.

“Save your wetness for the stroke of midnight tomorrow, for a most dreadful device will steal your virtue,” Constance whispered so that her father wouldn’t hear. “I will come to you beforehand and prepare you.”

* * * * *

“Ah, clean and fresh-smelling,” the guard said as he returned a short while later. “‘It will be all the more enjoyable to have such a rosy-scented girl upon my swollen staff.”

The father started to say something, but one look from the guard silenced him before a word was spoken. He then turned his full attention to the female prisoner, who was all the more tempting in her pristine condition. The sweat and dirt had been cleansed from her exquisite body, and her creamy skin was so smooth and delicate. Constance had made an effort to repair her torn clothing and it was stitched in several areas, just enough to fight off the chilling air and cover her breasts and crotch.

“You have found a friend in Constance, but it is a friendship that demands your flesh in return, for she has a hunger for young women unlike any man. She took great pleasure in washing you, and I daresay her rag lingered in places where I touched, for she desires to touch you in the same places. Did you enjoy her attention? Did she feel wetness when she touched you with her despicable fingers?”

Amanda turned her head away in shame, her mind confused as never before. Her flesh was so ready that it quickly aroused to anyone’s touch, and knew that the guard spoke the truth. It was true that Constance washed her as a man would, deriving pleasure from the chore as no other woman would have done. And Amanda was betrayed by her body, for her flesh didn’t know right from wrong, but merely awakened to a loving touch regardless of the source.

“I’ll help you forget the pleasure of her touch,” the guard announced as he retrieved a thick, wide leather belt from the wall. “When I unshackle your hands you will kneel before me.”

He reached up and pulled the iron pins from the wrist shackles. Amanda fell to her hands and knees, trembling with fear as she didn’t know what to expect. She felt his hands as they pulled her clothing up and bunched it at the waist, creamy ass exposed. It was not Amanda that he wished to whip but that hated woman Constance, but he couldn’t get her into such a position again. He should have killed her when he had the chance. Therefore he attacked Amanda, knowing that the prisoner was of keen interest to Constance.

He held the strap up high and swung it down, the leather striking her ass with a loud smacking noise. Amanda cried out in pain as a stinging jolted through her. The first hit was quickly followed by a second and a third. Her ass burned with pain and turned angry red in color where the leather had bit into her flesh. Two more followed, and the creamy flesh was marked with angry red stripes as Amanda softly sobbed.

“Now please my staff and drink from it, or you’ll feel the sting of leather many times again, and the whip will open the skin of your pathetic father as never before,” he threatened as he loosened his trousers and released his erection.

Amanda kneeled on the cold hard floor. Her aching limbs were so stiff and sore that she could barely move. Her eyes gazed upon a man for her first time, and even in the semi-darkness it was a fearful sight. She felt the slippery pink head as it pressed against her lips, and she nervously opened her mouth. The rock-hard staff pushed deeply inside, and she felt as it throbbed against her tongue and cheeks. A horrid musk taste overwhelmed her senses as a thick drop of his seed was smeared around her mouth, and she started salivating.

The guard’s hands roughly held her head, fingers grabbing handfuls of soft hair. His hips pumped back and forth, his long staff moving to and fro inside her mouth and nearly gagging her. Amanda didn’t know what was expected yet wanted to please the guard to save her father any misery, so she started licking on the hardened prick and sucking on it with all the enthusiasm she could muster. The faster she licked and harder she sucked the more the staff leaked its seed. Amanda winced as the salty fluid assaulted her with its strong flavor.

“It comes natural to you,” he whispered in approval, with a look of devious pleasure on his face. “Better than some and as good as any I’ve had, I can assure you.”

Saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth and down her chin. His shaft slowly moved in and out of her delightful mouth, her lips wrapped tightly around its circumference as she eagerly devoured the hardness. His hips pushed further and drove his staff deeper until it nearly pressed against the back of her throat. Amanda wasn’t sure how she kept from gagging..

The guard leaned forward and placed his outstretched hands against the cold stone wall behind her and closed his eyes. A devilish grin appeared on his contorted face as he savored the delightful warmth of her mouth and flicking tongue, feeling his balls filling with thick milky seed as his throbbing erection was so lovingly treated by the strikingly beautiful prisoner.

Amanda didn’t understand why she wanted to please the despicable man, for it was not the threat of the stinging whip but an inner desire. With her lips tightly wrapped around the shaft she sucked upon his hardened staff as her tongue-tip darted over the mass, swallowing the thick milky semen as it seeped from the swollen head of his erection.

She felt the shame of the act as she knew her father hung from the cold stone wall helplessly. She sensed his rage, and knew that she needed to conclude the activity quickly to ease the pain of his helplessness.

Anxious for the act to be finished, she shamelessly devoured him with all her remaining energy. Her tongue licked over the smooth head as the staff slid back and started a forward motion. When the head was beyond its reach she licked the underside of the shaft. All the while her lips tightly gripped the swollen man-meat, and her mouth sucked as hard as it could, drawing the thick hot seed from the staff.

Amanda was rewarded for her actions as the guard grunted in delight. He thrust forward as he ejaculated, spurting lava-hot semen into the back of her mouth. He held his penis at the back of her throat and pulled her head against his crotch. His body tensed in pleasure. His staff twitched and jerked several more times as it delivered the remaining seed.

Amanda was nearly drowned by the semen that filled her mouth and she was forced to swallow the thick fluid, drinking it down as an infant its mother’s milk, half-choking as she did. The rest mixed with her saliva and dripped from the corners of her mouth and down her chin.

“That’ll save you and your father considerable pain,” the guard decided as he replaced himself inside his clothing. “You had a real thirst for what I gave you. Did you enjoy it?”

“‘It was exceptionally sweet, sir,” Amanda lied, hoping to win his favor to lessen the misery of their confinement. “Perhaps you would be so kind as to allow me a taste of water and a rag to clean myself with.”

The guard was in high spirits after his climax, and fetched a half-filled bucket. He laughed aloud as he swung it in her direction and splashed the water on her face and body. Amanda’s hands smeared the water over her face and washed away the disgusting remnants of seed. She captured a mouthful of water and eagerly rinsed it out.

“Back in your shackles, your reprieve is ended,” he declared.

* * * * *

Time passed slowly, and without the ability to see the rising or the setting of the sun it was impossible to know what time it was or how much had elapsed. But the hunger in belly told Amanda that she had been hanging from the dungeon wall for the better part of a day. It grumbled and complained in eagerness for food that would not likely be offered.

“You have your sister to thank for this,” one guard said as two of them arrived with two cooked chickens in their hands.

“I’ll unshackle one hand, but reach for the other and I’ll run you clean through with my sword,” one guard warned the father as a shackle pin was removed and the wrist released. He handed him part of the chicken and retained some for his own consumption.

“I’ll feed you,” the second guard announced as he snuggled up to Amanda.

Her eyes were drawn to the food, and it smelled more delicious than she thought possible. Her stomach grumbled in anticipation. He tore off a piece of meat and waved it before her eyes teasingly. Her mouth followed its motions and snapped at it hungrily, but he pulled it back repeatedly. He grinned as he discovered the game quite entertaining.

“Please,” she begged in a hushed whisper so her father couldn’t hear. “Please show just a brief moment of compassion for me after what I have done for you.”

He leaned his head forward and dangled the meat. He drew her mouth to his with its tempting aroma and their lips kissed. Amanda closed her eyes and kissed him in desperation, hoping that her cooperation would be rewarded. It was her tongue that snaked deeply into his mouth, and for a time the muscles embraced and entwined. She tasted chicken in the kiss for he had not denied himself from enjoying the meal that he now used as a tool for torturing her.

When the kiss ended he gently placed the meat into her mouth. Amanda moaned as she chewed the meat and savored its flavor. Her sister was a fine cook. He held a cup of water to her lips and she drank as her eyes looked for more. He watched as she stared at the partially eaten chicken, anxious for more. But the guard was in a playful mood.

“Please,” she pleaded with him.

He tore off another generous piece and used it to draw her mouth to his. Again she kissed his lips and her tongue moved deeply inside his mouth. But it wasn’t half as satisfying as the first kiss, for her lips were greasy and lost their luster.

He placed the meat in her mouth and she devoured it quickly.

The other guard must have been junior to the one that taunted her, for he observed the goings-on with interest but didn’t interrupt. The two men looked at one another and then at her, and she could see the rusty wheels in their minds turning.

They were equally complicitous as each grasped a shackle pin and released her wrists. Amanda fell to her hands and knees, but her gaze was never removed from the chicken.

“You can have it when you’ve finished with us,” her guard decided. “No more games. You have my word on that.”

“Your word?” her father angrily sneered. “All you say is said with a forked tongue.”

“Say another word and I’ll have her hot mouth pleasing you,” he retorted. “Or have you already sampled her wares? It would account for her unusual skill.”

Amanda finally turned her eyes away from the food and looked up at her father. He looked back with eyes that glistened with tears, and despite the urge to continue the argument he fell silent for his daughter’s sake.

When she turned her head forward, the two men were exposed and she viewed their aroused manhood. It was an intimidating task that waited but there was no choice. She embraced the chore and was determined to see it through.

Each hand gently wrapped around a penis, and her soft fingers moved up and down the shafts. She took the tip of one into her warm mouth and sucked on the round head as her tongue danced over the smooth flesh. The guard groaned approvingly as he delighted from her oral efforts.

With a devilish grin on her face she pulled them both closer. They were surprised as her mouth opened wide and the tips of both were drawn inside. She noisily sucked on them both simultaneously, and her wildly vibrating tongue aroused both men equally. Their hands grasped her head and their finger sifted through the soft silky strands. The round heads both leaked with semen after several moments, and they were impressed by her enthusiasm.

Amanda moved her head back and concentrated fully on one. She pressed the head against her lips and it passed to the back of her throat. Both hands fondled the shaft and hairy balls and her head moved back and forth at a brisk pace, drawing the seed from his balls. She sensed the rising of his semen and could almost imagine the milky fluid as it surged through the natural tubing that guided it.

She moved her head back and sucked only on the tip until he groaned and tensed, then withdrew from him entirely as he teetered on the very edge of release. Her mouth moved to the other guard, and she did the same. Her mouth moved back and forth quickly, arousing and exciting him with her wildly sucking mouth and darting tongue.

And when he appeared to be close, her mouth moved back and sucked on the sensitized tip. And again she imagined the milky semen surging through the tubing, and just as his body tensed she retreated and left him hanging. It was her own form of torture that she delivered, just as they had to her. Except that hers had their balls aching with more semen than they could contain and no means by which to ejaculate it.

She leaned back and looked up at them. The misery in their eyes spoke volumes, and it warmed her heart. Her father realized what she was doing and the hint of a smile curled his lips for the first time. It was an emotional victory that energized their tired bodies at a time when depression and anger threatened to swallow them whole.

The guards saw the smile and knew she way toying with them. A hand sharply struck across her face and she was momentarily stunned. At that exact time a burly hand grabbed her long brown hair and pinned her head in place. His penis pressed inside her hot mouth again, and his hands and hips controlled what happened.

Amanda could not move, and his thrusting hips drove the penis to the very back of her throat. His anger was displayed in the speed and ferocity of his driving penis. She knew better than to deny him, and her mouth licked on the shaft as it passed in and out between her lips. She sucked on the mass of pulsating flesh as the horrid taste and smell of him filled her mouth and nostrils.

This time when he tensed she had no recourse and he ejaculated hot seed that filled her mouth. Three more times he thrust, and each time he twitched and refilled her mouth with more semen until finally the aching balls were emptied. She was forced to swallow much of it, and the rest dripped from the sides of her mouth and chin.

The other guard took over, and used the same technique for guaranteeing his pleasure. He lasted longer, probably several minutes. With each driving thrust the head bumped against the back of her throat as his anger was vented in the same manner as the first. Her mouth was sore and tired from her efforts, but she followed through and maintained the same enthusiasm for the task.

Finally her mouth was more than he could handle, and the aching balls released their load in a milky eruption that flooded her mouth with more than it could contain. It was a steady, continuous stream of hot seed much different than the other. She pushed all she could from her mouth with her tongue, and was relieved when the event was over.

She was left unshackled for a time. A pail of water was kicked close by and she cleaned her mouth and face. Then she turned her attention to the chicken and feasted on the sumptuous fare. It was the best meal of her life, and covered the taste and smell of the abusive guards.

* * * * *

“Unshackle the prisoner!” Constance commanded as she entered the dungeon.

“Two hours must pass before the appointed time has been reached,” the guard responded, sneering at the woman angrily. “She’s my prisoner until the stroke of midnight.”

“No, I dare say she isn’t,” Constance fired back. “She’s not some explicit tapestry hanging from the dungeon wall for your perverted pleasure, but a mere innocent girl on the threshold of womanhood for which she must be prepared. Release her, or Lord Atkinwill hear of it.”

The guard reluctantly complied. He pulled the pins from the shackles. He watched as Constance took Amanda into her arms and rubbed her sore, stiff limbs as they walked away.

“Go ahead, take the girl!” he shouted after them. “But for every hour until midnight her poor father will feel the whip!”

“Don’t mind him. That creature is fearful of Lord Arrington, and only the Lord dictates punishment. Your father will no more feel the whip as he will a comforting shoulder upon which to lean. I have pleaded with the Lord to release you into my care early, for no matter the method, the loss of your virtue is worthy of some preparation.”

“Thank you,” Amanda responded, comforted by Constance’s warm embrace. “I nearly gave myself to that animal for fear of the pain I know will come.”


“There will be pain regardless of the method,” Constance replied. “But at least this way you will not feel the shame of pleasing the likes of him. Come, this way.”

She was taken up two flights of stairs and into a small chamber. Colorful tapestries covered the cold stone walls. Constance guided her to one corner of the room where a tub rested on four gnarled feet, steaming soapy water rising from within. The torn dress was removed from her body, and Constance helped her into the delightful water.

“I’ve heard of such things as this, but never before have I felt a pool of warm water around my body,” Amanda said in sheer pleasure as the steamy warmth encompassed her chilled flesh. “It penetrates my bones and relieves my pain….I cannot thank you enough.”

“You can thank me by telling me what wicked words the guard has spoken about me in my absence,” Constance said. “He hates me, and I have nothing but contempt for him as well.”

The soothing water loosened Amanda’s lips, and as she soaked in the hot water she revealed the secrets Constance begged to hear. For two days she hung from that wall shackled not unlike a rack of beef, and his tongue filled the silence.

“Yes, he wanted me but was fearful, and he said he would take me but was suspicious of your devious ways,” Amanda admitted. “I am certain he wanted my innocence, as there is no mistaking the signs of it. But his fear of you was greater, although I was willing enough to do anything to relieve my misery.”

Constance retrieved a small vial from her clothing and pulled off the cap. She applied a large drop of amber liquid to a finger and again smeared it on Amanda’s upper gum line.

“What was it you desired from that despicable man?” Constance questioned with a wry smile upon her lips. “Did you want to feel the pleasure of your quivering hips? Not only can a man provide such comfort, if you recall.”

Amanda flushed red with embarrassment and looked away as she was keenly aware of how her body had reacted to the touch of Constance’s fingers and mouth.

“The guard spoke of your strange desires, about your unusual taste for flesh not unlike your own. He is suspicious of your true identity.”

“He is no man though he possesses the body of one. It is his soul that I despise, for it is as evil as any I have encountered. I would damn him, but such a curse would be his very salvation, I fear. Don’t talk of him any more, for precious little time remains for your innocence.”

As Amanda reclined in the warm water Constance gazed upon her naked form. Desire filled her heart. The beauty of the prisoner was without parallel in their small province. As Constance picked up a sponge and gently washed her arms she peered through the soapy water at the rounded breasts which she earlier washed with much pleasure, the firm mounds soft and smooth. Her hunger was like that of an infant, for her gaze was drawn to Amanda’s pink nipples.

Amanda closed her eyes and relaxed in the calming water. The sponge washed away the soreness in her shoulders, and the memory of the guards dissipated like steam from the water’s surface. She was gently prodded from her reclined position to a sitting position leaning forward, and the sponge cleansed her back. She then straightened up, and the sponge rubbed over and beneath her breasts, lingering upon her supple flesh for considerable time.

“The guard spoke the truth,” Amanda whispered as she enjoyed the feeling of the sponge upon her breast. “Why do you have such a strange attraction for women?”

“It’s your good fortune that I do, or else you’d still be chained to that dreadful wall with that man’s seed dripping from your spoiled virtue,” Constance answered, admitting her unusual passion for the same sex.

Constance dropped the sponge onto the water and took a breast into her left hand. She squeezed the smooth warm mound, her fingertips savoring the smoothness of the wet skin. Amanda jerked and her breathing quickened, pink nipples hardening as a tingling filled her young flesh. The woman’s eyes remained closed as Constance rolled and pinched the nipple between her thumb and index finger, examining its rubbery texture and feeling the way it throbbed against her skin.

“No woman before you has responded so favorably so quickly, and I have enjoyed many. Your body is as ready as any to be taken. It hungers for the pleasure that I can bring. Stand up.”

Amanda obediently stood. Her hands held the edge of the tub for support, for her legs were weak and trembling. She shivered as the cool air encompassed her wet skin. Teeth chattering, her lovely body tensed from the cold. Yet the sponge felt delightful as it washed her smooth belly and legs, rubbing the sore flesh as it cleansed her innocent skin. At last the sponge found its way between her legs. Soapy water dripped down her inner thighs as the sponge pressed against her outer lips and washed away the dried wetness that still clung to her flesh.

Constance pushed the folds apart with the fingers of her left hand and rubbed the wet sponge upon her luscious pink flesh. The contact created a tingling excitement within her body like none other. Amanda’s fingers tightened on the edge of the tub and she softly groaned, heart pounding as smoldering warmth developed deep in her loins. The sponge returned to the water several times, and repeatedly she felt the wondrous warmth of the water and the delightful pressure of the sponge against her aroused virtue.

“Come, let me dry you,” Constance announced as she stood up.

Amanda was startled from her trance, surprised that the pleasurable bath had so quickly ended. She stepped from the tub and into an outstretched towel, the thick fabric warming her. As she stood Constance rubbed the towel over her flesh, drawing the wetness from her skin. When all parts of her were dry the towel was removed. Constance took her by the hand and led her across the barren room. She pushed a curtain aside and revealed a small wooden table with numerous thick leather straps. It was unusual in that half appeared as a table as the other half was raised at an angle, and when sitting upon it she would be reclined as if leaning against a tree.

“The hair between your thighs must be shaved,” Constance explained. “It is a painless task, and I shall do it carefully.”

“I trust you completely, Constance, and am your willing servant for all you have done for me,” Amanda replied, the sincerity apparent in her watery green eyes. “Despite the fear that embraces me I will be courageous.”

Constance helped her upon the table and positioned her carefully. She skillfully cinched down four straps, two at the ankles and two just above the knees. Yet another thick strap was tightened across the lower belly. Finally her arms were secured at her sides at both the wrist and elbow. Amanda tried moving herself, but so securely was she bound that very little movement was possible. Despite her trust of Constance, Amanda’s mouth went dry with fear.

“Fear not, my beautiful, for there is cause to celebrate,” Constance said soothingly as she placed her hands upon a leg and gently caressed the silky cool skin. “For you are on the brink of womanhood. Tell me of your sister.”

“In one year she will be as old as I am now, but the kind Lord has spared her!”

Constance looked down at the beautiful sweet face, and lightly kissed her soft lips. Amanda closed her eyes and did not resist. The flowery scent of her perfume was pleasing to Amanda’s nose. Her naked body quivered upon the table, assaulted by a cold draft as the wind blew upon the thick castle walls. But the woman was warm within, and she trembled with a strange excitement initiated by the touching of their lips.

A tongue pushed between the lips and deeply inside her mouth. Amanda softly moaned as they tasted one another. Constance could taste the guard, for the flavor of his milky seed still laced Amanda’s mouth. The tongues gently pressed together and entwined as tingling warmth filled them both. Their passion quickly grew from the intimate kissing. Amanda could feel the wetness leaking from her belly once again, and it tinged the air with sex.

After the kiss Constance reached her hands down outside of Amanda’s view and pulled back upon a handle. A loud clicking followed, and the bottom section of the table separated in an inverted V angle. As it moved, Amanda’s legs were pulled further and further open until her woman-flesh was exposed and easily accessible. Constance picked up a rolled cloth from a small table and stepped between Amanda’s thighs. She sat upon a stool and placed the cloth on Amanda’s smooth, flat belly. Amanda looked down fearfully as the cloth roll was opened. It contained tiny tools that would be used to remove the offensive curls.

“Relax, relax,” Constance comforted her prisoner, gently caressing her smooth upper thighs. “You shall feel no pain.”

A comb sifted through the thin brown patch of curly hair, tenderly separating the knotted strands. Constance placed the comb down and picked up scissors. She cut away the soft curls of hair, clipping them as closely to the skin as possible. Constance was careful not to break the tender skin as she cut away the curls which flanked the precious pink folds. Amanda remained as still as a rock despite the coldness, and in short order only dark stubble remained.

Constance dipped hot water from a small container and doused the pubic mound. The curls dripped to the floor, carried away by the water. She picked up the razor. The shiny blade cut away the last remnants of hair as Constance wielded it with great skill.

She admired her work as her eyes gazed upon the pyramid of pubic flesh. The small folds of her lips glistened with the slightest of wetness, and in their swelled condition they parted enough to give a hint of the warm velvety flesh hidden within. It was a tempting sight that quickened Constance’s heart, and her mouth salivated in anticipation of experiencing the taste of the prisoner upon her lips once again.

She watched with nervous excitement as Constance picked up a white scarf with which she covered Amanda’s eyes. Constance was gentle yet her knot was tight, and with this loving but firm touch all sense of sight was removed.

“I will bring you pleasure until ten minutes before the appointed time, for the taste of you heightens the powers I need to prepare your sacrifice. When the Lord comes he will escort us to the dungeon where the device calls home. Your father will be present but his words you shall not hear for he will be chained and gagged so as not to interrupt your punishment. Leather shall strike your buttocks seven times but will not break your precious skin. Then you will be positioned on the device. You are forbidden to speak, although you may freely sound out in pain and ecstasy.”

Amanda shivered, the cold again seeping into her naked body as the warmth from the bath water dissipated. She listened to Constance’s words carefully, and acknowledged the order for silence with a nod of her head, unsure if it was even noticed. She felt the cloth and instruments lifted from her belly, then the warmth of Constance’s hands on her inner thighs. Fingers and palms rubbed and caressed her quivering inner thighs, slowly rising upwards towards her hairless crotch.

“Oh,” Amanda softly groaned.

Her body tensed and hands tightened into fists when Constance’s fingers pressed against the folds of her luscious crotch, pushing them open as petals of a rare and beautiful flower, exposing the delicate center. Warm pressure followed. The pressure of Constance’s mouth and tongue moved up and down her moist valley of flesh, fully exploring her untouched womanhood in a most perverted yet intriguing manner. Amanda suspected that Constance had some special knowledge in knowing exactly where to place her tongue.

“Yes!” Amanda cried out as an intense excitement gripped her body, filling her with strange tingling sensations that were new to her and caused her natural wetness to flow.

Constance’s tongue and mouth devoured the woman. Her flicking tongue was like a stone in a pond, creating rippling waves of pleasure. Amanda fought against the restraints as her body writhed, fingers forming tight fists and her toes curling up as the smoldering warmth overwhelmed her. Constance’s hot tongue and warm lips were like the glowing tip of a hot iron, heating her succulent flesh. Amanda groaned and shuddered in pleasure as Constance looked upon her with devious eyes, mouth hungrily sucking the wetness from the woman’s valley, savoring the musk-sweet flavor of her virgin flesh.

“Oh,” the prisoner groaned in delight as her young supple body writhed in joy from the pleasure Constance’s tongue generated. It awakened a wondrous part of her body and generated burning warmth deep within her belly.

With a wicked grin upon her face Constance eagerly licked and sucked upon the delicious pink virgin flesh, swallowing the thick sweet honey as it leaked from Amanda’s helpless folds. Her lips and tongue expertly manipulated the swollen hooded nub, creating sensations of sheer ecstasy within the prisoner’s gorgeous body. Amanda groaned aloud as she twitched and writhed upon the hard wood table, limbs straining against the straps in vain as she approached her first orgasm.

Within moments Constance’s attentive lips and tongue delivered her to ecstasy, and for several moments the lovely prisoner grimaced and grunted in joyful delight as her fair body jerked and twitched in intense sexual release. Constance excitedly sucked upon her woman-flesh, drinking the thick warm nectar as it oozed from Amanda’s center. As Amanda enjoyed the pleasure of sexual release, Constance felt delightfully energized by the thick honey she consumed.


Constance heard the door as it opened. She knew that it could be none other than Lord Atkinand his guards. The time had passed so quickly that Constance was left with a yearning for the prisoner. Her flesh was unusually sweet, and she wanted to feast upon her longer. With great reluctance Constance withdrew her head from between the silky thighs. She noted with delight that although the pink folds of flesh glistened invitingly, not a drop of that sweet wetness was wasted upon the floor.

Constance extracted the glass vial from a pocket and pulled off the cap. She placed a thick drop upon her middle finger. She thought again and added more to it. Amanda obediently watched in silence, and then cooperatively opened her mouth to accept the wondrous potion. It was rubbed along her upper gums. Within moments she felt the full effects, and a smile formed on her sweet lips as her spent energy was returned twofold.

“She is ready, my Lord,” Constance announced. “I have prepared her well. The leather will sting but the device will not be cruel to young virgin flesh as ready and willing as this. Her pain will be minimal, I assure you.”

He motioned to two guards at his side that quickly approached the prisoner and loosened the bindings. The process was slow, for they were distracted by her nudity. Her beauty attracted their glances and they enjoyed the view. Amanda did not think poorly of them for doing so. Once released from the table a leather belt was tightened around her waist. Her wrists were shackled to the strap. The guards prodded her and Amanda blindly walked between them toward an uncertain future.

* * * * *

The air was cold and heavy, and smelled of mold. Amanda shivered, both from fear and a chill that invaded her flesh. The only warmth she felt was unintentionally supplied by the guards. When they sensed they could not be observed, they briefly fondled her jiggling breasts and slipped their hands between her thighs.

She welcomed the touching, for she found it erotic and exciting. It sparked renewed warmth in her loins that radiated throughout her body. When the guard on her left cupped a swell of bouncing flesh she leaned towards him and savored the warmth of his fingers. They teasingly pinched the hardened nipple and it triggered the release of nectar.

When the guard on her right slipped a hand between her thighs and felt her bald virtue, she stopped as if too frightened to continue the journey. Her trembling legs shifted apart and allowed the hand access. When the curious fingers touched her folds she shuddered in delight, and he found them moist. The fingers lingered as long as they dared, and then she was pulled forward after the hesitation.

As they descended down steps her progress slowed for without sight it was difficult for her to navigate. She almost fell and the guard behind caught her before all balance was lost. When his hands reached around they cupped both breasts, and she sighed in delight as the fingers caressed the supple mounds and pinched on both nipples.

She turned her head to the right and leaned back, and his mouth pressed against hers. His hot tongue thrust deeply into her mouth and they passionately kissed. The writhing muscles hungrily entwined, and for several moments they shared an erotically charged moment that filled her body with intense desire. She felt his manhood as it swelled and vibrated upon her lower back. He maintained the touching and kissing for as long as he dared, and then retreated.

“Keep up!” Lord Atkinrequested in irritation.

“Yes, sir!” the guard who had kissed her replied.

He prodded her to move faster, and when the bottom of the steps was reached she was pulled into a new direction. The air was colder, and she shuddered from another chill. Her nipples swelled harder still and they impatiently throbbed, eager for stimulation.

When the guards returned to her side they enjoyed a final opportunity. As the others that walked with them rounded a tight corner she was quickly pressed against the damp stone wall. She was as anxious as they and her thighs willingly moved far apart. Two hands rubbed on the glistening folds of her center, two hands encompassed her breasts, and hot mouths sucked and nibbled on her pulsating nipples.

The breath caught in her throat and her virtue surged with wetness. She stifled her moaning and said nothing as her entire form shuddered in shameless pleasure. Their fingers smeared the nectar all over her crotch as they both explored her innocence. She gasped when a finger found the swollen nub, and it sent waves of intense excitement rippling through her writhing flesh. When the footsteps ahead of them faded the guards knew they couldn’t dare linger any more than they already had.

Doors noisily opened, and she was led into a dungeon chamber. Finally she was stopped at an unknown point.

There were noises Amanda couldn’t identify, and a short time passed. Her young body trembled helplessly, legs weak with fear. For several minutes she stood upon the cold stone floor without so much as a flinch, so great was her fear.

The leather strap was sudden and unexpected. It struck her bare ass without warning, and sharp pain jolted through her flesh. Her jaw tightened and her fingers curled into tight balls as the stinging invaded every part of her. The pain of the belt was intensified by the cold, and inside her head every muscle screamed in protest.

She heard Constance’s voice as she whispered to the Lord in explanation. “The pain from the strap, seven in all, provides the power the device needs to awaken and feed. Too much pain and its power will devour the flesh, too little and the woman’s virtue is sacrificed with little satisfaction. I know of this secret, and with it Travis ‘s spirit will receive its blessing for as little sacrifice as possible.”

The wide leather strap struck again and again with a loud slapping noise. After the initial blow Amanda her cried out in pain, which echoed within the small chamber. Each time the strap struck her ass the prisoner shrieked.
Her flesh was reddened but unbroken by the whipping, and it burned as if seared by fire. Seven strokes her body received, and by the time the last had fallen upon her flesh tears streamed down her cheeks. Her soft sobs sounded and she visibly trembled. The pain of her whipping was evident as her ass was bright red where the leather had struck.


Silent orders were issued, and a guard released her wrists from the shackles and removed the belt. Unseen hands prodded her in an uncertain direction, and she was sat upon a round wooden seat that had an opening beneath her virtue. Its height had been adjusted prior to her arrival, and Constance verified that the height was still correct.

Her arms were held outstretched, high above her head, and both wrists were secured in shackles. Her ankles were locked in, forcing her thighs far apart. She sat upon the device with her breasts dangling, the pink nipples fully swollen. She trembled fearfully as Constance reached a finger into her mouth and rubbed another application of potion onto her gums. Amanda grimaced from the awful taste but welcomed the relief she knew would come.

With an ominous CLICK-CLICK sound the chains to which her wrists were shackled lifted upwards as the slack was removed. It pulled up on her arms until her torso was taut. So secure was Amanda that any motion at all was impossible except the heaving of her chest as she deeply sucked in the dank, musty air. Warm fingers pinched on her nipples until they were swollen, and upon the hardened nubs clamps were placed with small teeth that sharply bit into the flesh.

The prisoner swallowed hard, lips dry with nervous fear as preparations were made. She tested the bindings with all her strength but they refused the slightest give. As the dreaded moment approached her fear multiplied. Soft groaning escaped her throat and her beautiful naked body shivered, more from fear than the chilly air. Even after she was secured into place several minutes elapsed as final preparations were accomplished, though she was blind to what was happening beneath.

Constance herself aligned the heart of the device. It reminded her ofTravis himself and she longed for his loving embrace. The replica of him was six inches in length and two inches in width. The shaft was knurled, and the round tip mushroomed and was smooth. The base of the shaft was attached to an iron rod, and the base of the rod passed through two supports and ended on one side of a large wheel.

The wheel was made from the heart of the tree, where the threads of silver and gold were most dense. This is where his spirit was stored, and its appearance was like nothing ever before seen. It was obvious that as the wheel spun it would drive the wooden man-replica upwards six inches, and would thereupon be pulled back down an equal distance. Yet there was nothing to turn the wheel, a fact that was not lost on Lord Arrington.

Constance kneeled between the thighs of their sacrificial prisoner, and her fingers touched the moist folds. Amanda groaned loudly in delight. She touched the woman’s hooded nub precisely and the stimulation created intense waves of tingling joy. The oozing wetness flowed and smeared upon the fingers. Constance applied the juice to the round tip of the shaft, and it strangely came to life.

“It’s awake,” she announced in an excited voice. “My belovedTravis is back.”

The wheel beneath the seat moved of its own accord, and pushed through the opening at the center of the seat. It slowly rotated and the round tip pushed between the folds of her aroused virtue. Amanda moaned as the pressure against her flesh inspired more tingling warmth. It paused at the tiny opening of her canal.

It wasn’t possible. It was inconceivable. Although the scarf blocked all vision, a man appeared before her. She sat upon his lap, and it was him that she felt pressed upon her virtue. His face was creased with deep wrinkles, but his eyes were soft and kind. When he smiled her heart fluttered, and she was filled with warmth and desire. Hs hands cupped her heaving breasts, and his fingers pinched on her nipples.

His lips kissed hers, and she kissed him back. It was a strange sight for the observers of the sacrifice, for it seemed she enjoyed the experience and made strange motions. Her body tensed and alternately relaxed, and when relaxed the wheel beneath the seat slowly rotated and drove the phallic device upwards.

The woman gasped and grunted as the round tip forced the doorway open, and the wooden penis popped inside and tore through the fragile membrane that marked her innocence. Her wetness flowed and her virgin canal embraced the tip and shaft. The nectar eased the pain as her tight walls were forced apart. The wheel slowly rotated back and forth as the penis tenderly burrowed inside.

The hard penis warmed her center and the chill that had settled into her bones was gone. The fear she initially felt was transformed into passion as she savored the loving touch of the stranger. The kissing got faster and their tongues danced wildly against one another. The hands on her swells continued the soft caressing and she joyously moaned.

Her virtue was sore but greeted his thrusts, and his hardness filled the aching cavity and pushed deeper still. Her wetness steadily flowed, and as it embraced the penis it was magically absorbed by the silver and gold veins. The device started to hum, as if vibrating with excitement. The observers were nervous and glanced over at Constance who reassured them with a look that all was well.

Her steady moaning suddenly quickened and it was misinterpreted by some as pain. But it was pleasure her wavering voice announced, and her unmoving form momentarily tensed. Although she could not move Amanda cried out in delight and twitched in uncontrollable spasms of ecstasy. Intense joyous pleasure surged through her flesh and overwhelmed her racing mind. Her heart pounded harder than ever and seemed as if it might burst. She could barely breathe, yet she panted heavily.

She was amazed by the tremendous sensations that filled her center. She seemingly floated, spinning round and round. She squirted a steady stream of wetness that was readily taken, and just as the orgasm ended another began. The driving penis filled her completely, and moved in and out at a brisk pace. Amanda couldn’t get enough air as wave after wave of unending delight rushed through her. Her quivering thighs jerked and her head leaned forward as she grunted in pure delight.

She looked into the gentle eyes of the man that enjoyed her, and her peripheral vision darkened so that all she saw was his pupils. The wrist shackles dug into the tender skin as she convulsed in uncontrollable spasms, her long brown hair in disarray. Several strands clung to her sweaty forehead, and the salty dampness soaked into the top edge of her blindfold. Small pearls of honey appeared in the pink valley of her womanhood, and they dripped upon the shaft as it slid in and out of her creamy center.

The breath caught in her throat and she grew dizzy as the second orgasm drained the remaining strength from her body. All her wetness was consumed, and when the device took all she had, a wave of dizziness struck and she passed out.

Lord Atkin stepped up to the prisoner. Her father dangled from wall shackles on the far side of the room, mouth gagged, as tears of shame soaked his sullen face.

“She is a rare sacrifice, and the device is pleased,” Constance whispered with a lustful smile upon her lips. “Field your troops and glory will follow. And share your victory. The eldest daughter of the vanquished Lord Denning must be sacrificed to keep its favor.”

“We were most fortunate for the transgressions of her father,” Lord Atkin commented, hinting that perhaps sorcery was somehow used to force the man’s timely and unfortunate tirade. “Although I find it personally distasteful and lacking in nobility, you shall have the daughter.”

Constance returned her attention to Amanda. “She is exhausted and in need of a long sleep, and food thereafter.”

“Release the prisoner and take her to the guest chamber, and place her in the bed,” he commanded to the guards, and then to Constance said “I trust you will see to the rest.”

She nodded her assent.

His eyes were drawn to the beautiful naked woman, as were those of all who were present. She was undeniably appealing. The guards released a catch and the chains that held the wrist shackles loosened. The pins were extracted and her arms released from bondage. They fell to her side, stiff and sore. Her eyes opened as she regained consciousness, aware of her impending release from the strange device. Relief was visible in her half-opened eyes.

A smile formed on her lips as the pleasure lingered in her loins. Her belly was still warm and tingly, but the nectar had ceased to flow. When she glanced down between her legs she thought for sure that nectar would be dripping from the pink folds, but there appeared to be no such mess. She thought that odd as the guards kneeled before her and removed the pins from the ankle shackles.

The men’s eyes were only inches from her spoiled virtue. They openly gazed upon her flesh. Once one ankle was released she could have closed her thighs and removed the temptation, but she allowed their lingering gaze. It was pointless to deny them the simple pleasure. Instead her legs remained open and she smiled down at them.

“A rare sight that was, watching her upon that wooden beast, creaming as she was,” one guard remarked to the other in a devious tone of voice. “It’s a real man she needs, not a contraption such as that. And with not a hair on her it’s easier to see that pink flesh.”

“Shhhh!” the other responded, fearful of Constance. “Perhaps we will get our chance, but don’t let that evil woman hear of it.”

Constance was suspicious and followed the guards as they lifted the prisoner to her feet and supported her. Neither touched her flesh except to aid in her transportation, for they were closely watched.

* * * * *

A call to arms was issued, and men reluctantly left the fields and joined for battle. Some were up to the task, and whooped and hollered happily. Others showed up with little will to fight. Slightly more than three hundred were available, and after assembling Lord Atkin addressed them. He spoke of a united kingdom, beginning with Lord Denning’s castle.

Word leaked out and Lord Denning was not unprepared. But he had no knowledge of the strange wooden device that accompanied the meager force. He fielded a thousand men, three times the number, and was confident in success. And after Lord Atkinwas defeated, he planned to press the attack and take his castle as well.

Lord Atkin was nervous, as were his men. Each thought of death as they saw the number they faced. But a strange thing happened. As they formed into three groups of one hundred, men started running from Lord Denning’s ranks. At first it was one or two, but then in groups of five and six. The men didn’t see a smaller force, but a much larger one. Ten thousand men stared them down, armed with vicious weapons and with limbs of iron. They appeared as giants.

Lord Denning himself looked across the field of battle and fear gripped his heart. The horse he rode upon was spooked and restless, and knocked him from its back. Lord Denning joined his men and they fled to the castle gates.

Lord Atkin was filled with disbelief and through inaction almost allowed the opposing force to retreat behind the castle walls. His son took command and ordered a charge, and on the heels of the fleeing enemy they entered the castle before the gates could be closed. Few men stood and fought, and the fight was won before it began.

“And so it begins,” Lord Atkin whispered to himself.

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