In every state ,no matter where you go, you will see them. Those long lonely highways that stretch for miles without a single house or store or hint of human inhabitant.. Nothing but woods on either side as far as the eye can see., and as most of us go down these highways we look out our windows from the comfort and security of our vehicles , and admire the beauty of the land. We look across the vastness of woods and think we know what is out there. The wildlife that lives in theses woods vary from state to state, but whatever state you’re driving through at the time as you look out across the miles of endless woods or forest you may want to consider that maybe what you know, is only a part of what really is out there. Maybe what we think we see out our windows is only a part of the picture. When we think of places like this , our fears consist of the thoughts of bears or snakes, maybe even a wolf or two. Maybe what we see is all we are meant to see, maybe there’s more to be feared out there than just bears, or snakes, or even wolves. Look closer next time. Open your eyes and don’t let your mind play tricks on you.

And if you should happen along a certain highway ,somewhere say a few miles from jacks bend take a good look out your window across the woods., and if you do, not too far off from the highway, about a half mile or so .you just might see a large white Pontiac, sitting out in the middle of the woods, pine tress growing all around it, and how it got there only you and I know.
And if you see a detour sign………………..


One thought on “Diversion-Prologue

  1. God…..this is awesome….where were you hiding our dear mind blowing author….stunning prologue…..can imagine what the amazing story is gonna be like…..:):)

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